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Are You Ready to Change the Way You Live and Shop?

Ready to Live Clean? Then let me introduce you to Modere, a lovely company offering a category-leading portfolio of lifestyle essentials‚ÄĒpersonal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed. You see here at BrocanteHome I wouldn’t recommend anything I did not believe to be absolutely free from the kind of toxins destroying both our bodies and our planet, and Modere’s truly safe and extensive range of products includes everything from a groundbreaking revolutionary new anti-ageing system to vanilla scented laundry detergent and a weight management system that really works.



Making Shopping Fun Again


But the best part? Modere makes shopping fun again! Not only can you earn shopping credits every time you buy your own monthly essentials, receive perks for being a loyal customer, and have the chance to win one-of-a-kind Modere experiences whenever you shop but every time you recommend Modere to a friend via email or your social network and they become a customer, they get $10.00/¬£10.00 to spend in-store and YOU receive the same amount, which makes shopping at and sharing Modere wonderful news for all those of us addicted to Facebook or besotted with our blogs… 


Sharing Products You Really Love Comes Naturally...


Looking to Monetize Your Lifestyle Blog?


Opening a Modere Social Marketing  account is quite the most perfect alternative to traditional means of monetizing your blog via advertising or affiliation and sharing products you will grow to love really does come easy via all your social networks and blogs. To learn more click here, or fill in the form below and I will walk you through the oh so easy process of setting your inner entrepreneur free…

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