Yay! The Art of Homemaking Is Here!

Just a quick heads up m’dears to let you know that the final part of The Art of Homemaking is now available to download.

Housekeeping superstars can download it in the Superstar area with the usual password and those who have bought it in the past few months will find it in their in-boxes…

Do please let me know if you have any problems and enjoy.x  

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7 comments on “Yay! The Art of Homemaking Is Here!

  1. Happy Dance! I just broke out the A of H binder to add the last installment. I have a veritable Brocante library; you should really publish this stuff in ditty little polka-dotted Persephone-style hard backs. Can’t you just see them lined up on a pretty white shelf with little vintage bunny bookends? Or stacked and tied with a ribbon on the bedside table, ready for a quiet evening with a cuppa.

  2. Hello Alison

    I bought the Art of Homemaking a while back, and am just missing the last part, but it hasn’t shown up in my emails, have you sent them out? No worries if not, I can wait 🙂

  3. Yay! Can’t wait to see this in my inbox!!! Thanks for all you do to make homemaking an art!

  4. Hooray! Looking forward to receiving this – have you sent it yet? I’ve not seen anything come in.

  5. brocantehome on said:

    Hi all, I have sent The Art of homemaking out to everybody on the list, but if you haven’t yet received it, do please email me and I will send it out to you asap!x

  6. Amy Feistel on said:

    I bought The Art of Homemaking last November but am still missing the final part. Haven’t seen it in my mailbox yet. Can you resend? Thank you!
    cheers, Amy