Well I have to confess I did find it a little odd. After finally getting my blogging groove back, the whole world went on holiday. Or sent me to Coventry. Or took up salsa dancing. I wasn’t quite sure what, but they sure as heckity pie weren’t commenting on BrocanteHome! I considered being mildly offended then decided life was too short to be grumpy.
And so I sat back to wait, because waiting is what I do. I’m not a girl of action you see. When troubles come my way, I give them a menacing stare and wait and see who blinks first. When my bottom gets even bigger than usual I carry on eating until the day comes when I don’t feel like eating anymore, drawing strength from the myth that skinny thighs come to those who deserve them. When my purse is empty I carry on carrying on trusting the universe to keep me and my babba safe from financial strife. I wait. I ride the storm. Sometimes I even do cartwheels through it. But I never try to coax the sun into shining. I never say “Now listen here Storm, enough is enough!”. I never actually do anything other than that which I was doing regardless, because my Sweet, I am a stubborn old mule.
Lay me down on the physchiatrists chaise and he would probably declare me downright bloody lazy. And oh my, a truer word would never have been spoken. I am a lazy article. Except when it comes to fiddling with things that don’t require fiddling with and then I think you will find, I’m the bee’s knees. If it ain’t broke I’m there fixing it! And for fixing it read breaking it and you can see while my entire life is a Catch 22 Merryground…
All this to tell you that I fiddled with the comments oo-ja-me-flip and I broke it. And because I am prone to seeing the worst in things I declared my bloggy thoughts too dull to be commented upon and thus didn’t realise that the eerie silence was down to my own foolish actions, until Jayne from AngelCel took pity on me and told me via the wonderful medium that is Facebook, that I had effectively hammered the door shut and shoved headphones over my virtual ears.
So erm… the comments box is fixed. And I’m still the same old idiot you’ve known and loved for nearly five years now. I do hope you are well…
P.S: Hasn’t the lady in my photograph got the best uni-brow you have ever seen?

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