Trolley Treats!

It’s the small things isn’t it? The tiny treats. The daily delights which make life worth living? Which is why I am going to hold a teeny  weekly celebration of all the little joys I make sure to pop into my trolley (virtual or otherwise) every time I shop…

You see I still vehemently believe that every mundane domestic task offers us opportunity to dress it up in smiles. Our smiles. Not the kids. Or his. Ours. And let’s face it shopping for the groceries and sundries we all need if we are to eat and keep the house in light-bulbs has to be the most ground-hog, relentlessly mundane task of them all!

So each week I seek out a little puttery something to chuck into my trolley. Nothing expensive. Just a little something that will add a little thrill to something dull. Something just for me. Something I use. Something I know I will anticipate. Something just for the sheer pleasure of it…

This week my shopping was brought to me by Ocado. Because it was snowing. And the world and his Mother had come to a grinding halt, except for a man called Mark who delivered my shopping in color-coded bags and warned me not to venture out the door, for the roads were treacherous and only the mad were going a-wandering. So I did as I was told, battened down the hatches and got to work opening up the weekly surprise that is the vegetable box, this week full of Jerusalem artichokes  and chard, and while pilfering through  the rest of the order, I planned a batch of watercress pesto and some big fat chocolate flapjacks…

I pulled out loo rolls and white vinegar, I put away pine soap from Sweden (Grumme Gron Sappa!) and stood little trees of broccoli in glasses of cold water in the fridge, and then there, nestling at the bottom of one of the carrier bags was this weeks trolley treat: a block of Housewife’s Choice butter: a brand I had never seen before but one which kicks off this series in true Brocante style! I mean really, what could be more perfect for us Vintage Housekeepers than a block of gorgeous creamy butter apparently loved by the housewives of  County Tyrone, Ireland?

So won’t you raise a cup of tea with me, to a week of home-made bread, toasted and spread generously with Housewife’s Choice butter for elevenses? This trolley treat has inspired me to start a search for the perfect lidded butter dish and one gorgeous butter knife just for me, and soon toast, whenever it is taken, will be a pleasure, because when life seems a bit rubbish, the heart is still open to tiny, temporary joy. This I know for sure…

Won’t you treat your trolley to a little bit of wonderful too?

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3 comments on “Trolley Treats!

  1. Grønsåpe can be used for almost all household cleaning tasks. I use it everyweek on my hardwood floors. Nothing else makes the house smell so clean! I am told it can also be used to wash wounds, but perhaps that was advice left over from WW2! This and a bottle of ammonia for windows is all that a vintage scandinavian household would have had.
    Gill, in Norway.

  2. Beth Miller on said:

    I So Agree with the Trolley Treats idea! I do the same, and it always brightens my day 🙂 Whether it’s a lovely bottle of local olive oil in my produce box, or an espresso Green & Black bar at the market, or a new craft magazine when I’m just out for household stuff…it all makes unpacking the mundane into happy anticipation ^_^
    Beth Miller

  3. Taina Williams on said:

    In Finland we use Mäntysuopa (pine soap) for wood and area rugs are washed with it in the lake in the summer.