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Now then Sweeties, do you know the Vintage Mama? Lydia Poblano is the gorgeous bloggess over at TheVintageMama.Com, and I am thrilled that she has taken the time out of her hectic (read whirlwind) schedule to put together these scrumptious little guidelines to looking pulled together when you are often feeling anything but…

So without further ado: over to Lydia…

No Fuss Beauty For Vintage Homemakers

I never get tired of hearing it…perhaps because it’s so very true.

“Boy, you have your hands full!”

Every time I go out with my 3 rascally boys (8 yrs, 3 yrs and 18 months), I have people exclaiming that I must be one busy mama…and I am.

I home school, I blog, I’m starting a new business, I dust and polish, I take my boys on weekly nature walks, and I buy my eggs fresh from the farmers market every week.


But what surprises people the most (especially moms) is that I still manage to look “put together”. So how do I manage to fit in some personal care into my busy life? Here are some of the creative ways that I fit it in:

Use coconut oil

Organic extra virgin coconut it truly the Swiss army knife of beauty products. I use it for cooking to add loads of yummy essential fatty acids to my diet (hello glowing skin!), as my weekly hair mask and as my daily body moisturiser. For a quick morning treatment, apply the coconut oil to your hair before breakfast (rub any excess on your hands and lips) and shampoo it out after breakfast. Viola, instant shiny hair!

Cold water therapy

Cold water has always been a favourite beauty aid of bombshells. In fact, Marilyn Monroe was a huge fan of taking ice baths. Cold water stimulates circulation and temporarily tightens the skin You can start by splashing your face with cold water 30 times in the morning and work your way up to a 5-10 min cold shower or cold bath. I also enjoy sleeping with a cold lavender filled eye mask every night. Makes my eyes look bright and refreshed in the morning.

Keep nails clean and simple

I never bother with nail polish on my hands. With all the dishes I wash, the polish never lasts more than a day without chipping. Instead I keep my hand nails short and polished in a slightly pink, clear polish. The light pink tone will give you nails a healthy rosy look and you never notice the chipping.

Master 2 hair styles

All anyone woman needs is 2 hair styles: one for everyday and the other for going out. Take the time to master your 2 best hairstyles and you’ll always look “put together” in a flash. If there is an extra special occasion like a wedding or anniversary get your hair done at the salon.

Be scrupulous about your eyebrows

All your make-up and be perfectly applied, but if your eyebrows are not shaped, you’ll just look messy. I wax my eyebrows about once a month and take less than a minute to tweeze a few strays daily. Use a clear brow gel to set them in place and you’ll instantly look chic.

Sunglasses and Gloss are it

One those days that my boys seem to be doing everything in their power to prevent us from doing our errands, I just slip on the sunglasses and swipe on some rose-coloured gloss. Fin.

So these are a few of the simple ways that I incorporate my beauty regimen into my busy life. Have any tricks up your own sleeve? Share them in the comments below!

Lydia Poblano is a modern mama with old fashion tendencies. When she’s not whipping up some blueberry muffins to Sinatra with her boys, she blogging about bombshell living for moms on

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11 comments on “The Vintage Mama At BrocanteHome!

  1. Great tips, I'll be trying the coconut oil!

  2. cornelia on said:

    ooh I will try the coconut oil and Im going to splash my face with cold water right now, I think a nice pedicure looks nice I do mine while i bath the kids. Great tips thanks

  3. Glad you enjoyed it! It was such a pleasure to write and share!

  4. I have three children and get that 'you have your hands full' comment all the time. Only I don't get the 'but you look good' bit to follow it up!

    My current regime is grab whats clean, slap some make up on and run out the door – normally still trying to get my girls hair bobbles in. I shall be trying your tips – if only to make me feel a little more 'together'


    • Great point Terrie! Most of what I do is really to make me feel better. There are days that we end up starting school in our pajamas at 2pm, but just knowing that I slathered myself in coconut oil in the morning makes me feel glamorous!

  5. I am tickled by this article. I discovered coconut oil last summer and it is probably the best beauty aide that I have ever used in my life. I buff my nails, instead of using nail polish. Waxing my eyebrows is my one salon splurge, and have tweezerman's tweezers for the strays. Lip gloss and sunglasses sound very familiar. Lol. Are you my style twin?

  6. Cold water therapy sounds like torture! We're still coming out of winter here and I've been spending far too much time in hot lavender baths… Perhaps I'll give it a try once it gets a bit warmer! 🙂

  7. Hey Vintage Mama! It's lovely to meet you. Great tips!

  8. Katherine on said:

    Very inspiring! I homeschool my five boys, and these are great tips! Can you use coconut oil on the face, too? Thanks!