The Little Princess

Just a quickie Sweethearts, to let you know that my absolute favorite black and white movie of all time is now available for viewing in it’s entirety and for FREE ¬†on Snag films. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this little snippet of Monday tea-time news makes me.

In my head I am already planning on stock-piling violet cremes, switching off my phone and calling it a patchwork duvet day so that I can remember what it was to be a little girl, snuggled up on my Nana’s sofa wishing I was Shirley Temple…

Find The Little Princess and all manner of other old-fashioned movie treats in the Classic Films section on Snag Films.

You are welcome.x

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3 comments on “The Little Princess

  1. That is a classic we love in our house too!

  2. I’m a huge Shirley Temple fan and this is one of my favorites.

  3. dee marie on said:

    This is my favorite children’s book and the movie is a delight, too.