The Kindle Download Question

Kindle download

Kindle download

Just a quick question my Darlings: I have just been putting the finishing touches to House Rules and as a final test I popped it on to my Kindle fire, Finns iPad and Ste’s tablet and here’s the thing: it looks terrible! Almost illegible.

Which got me wondering: should my ebook delivery alter in order to reflect the new ways we all interact with PDF’s and other downloads these days? A lot has changed in the ten years I have been creating downloads, so are you still printing my PDF’s, or do you send them to your Kindle or open them on your iPad?

Would it be easier if I created relatively plain text downloads with simple images so they could be read like any other book? Paragraph after paragraph instead of columns? If I stopped being all fancy with my fonts and started concentrating not on the way the download looks but on how you as a reader interact with it?

I would truly value your opinion on this one, so here’s my question: would you prefer a pretty download or a plain text, readable version with options to send it to your Kindle as a mobi or epub file?

If you could leave your thoughts in the comments below, I would be so very grateful…


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22 comments on “The Kindle Download Question

  1. jeanette on said:

    Well I actually still print out the downloads, so I do appreciate the pretty. I guess that what has always drawn me too your blog. Maybe a lovely compromise? Something that still is easy, with something that is a touch different? Funny thing is that even before you changed the blog ‘s style, I have noticed a lot of businesses and advertising using that same style!! I know things change, but when I can’t even recognize what they are selling! Lol, I guess I just hate change. Bottom line – this is your business. If this new style excites you (I love the new flurry of activity! !!), then by all means go with your gut!
    As for me I love the vintage pretty. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here!

    • Alison May on said:

      You are kind of speaking my mind here Jeanette… it’s so hard to strike a balance that maintains identity but also works in terms of the way blogs are now read. Change is soooo hard….x

  2. I do like to see the pretty and I print some of the downloads. FYI, sometimes I view your blog via Bloglovin and at times it’s a little wonky. Sometimes your columns shrink to teeny tiny…sometimes their just fine. Knock wood, this week they’ve been fine.

  3. I don’t print a lot as I don’t have a printer, and don’t often have time to use a library computer. I open the PDFs on my iPad then either open in the kindle ap or the iBook ap. not terribly helpful, but I’ve loved the evolution of the PDFs, and have a folder somewhere stuffed with individual posts I printed out back when I had access to a printer.

    I think the content is the most important thing…and agree with the struggle to balance the identity with look and feel with meeting all the needs of the different ways of accessing them….

    I think you are doing a splendid job x

  4. I wish I could print your files & enjoy the pretty! As it is, I only have them on my phone or Kindle. May I say that your words & style of writing are pretty enough on their own? I very rarely buy books. I wait till they become free. (Which is how I found you.) I’ve been systematically buying your books as I budget allows though & adore them.

  5. tiffani on said:

    I think you should keep doing what you have recently, release PDF then later on Amazon Ebook form. I really do love the PDFs myself, especially on the ones you call us to reflect upon. I can print them out, take notes or underline something that speaks to me. I also love the fonts and all your lovely little quirks, they are YOUR signature and set YOU apart from any other eBook out author out there. With that being said, I have loved your kindle books. I really do believe that I can pay “in addition” to my rose membership for your downloads in a kindle eBook. ? Keep up the good work and keep setting yourself apart from everyone else.

  6. jane grayson on said:

    Pretty downloads or Kindle – I don’t mind.

  7. I prefer to read stuff on my kindle. I don’t need pictures to drool over every word that you write:). If something doesn’t have a kindle version I’ll usually read it on the kindle fire, which I don’t like so much because its heavier.

  8. I like pretty too! I think many of are drawn t o you because of pretty. I print somethings but I would also like the ability to purchase for kindle. I’m just a little lazy and never move PDFs to my iPad or kindle.

  9. Jenny Lythall on said:

    That’s a really tough question because I do both equally and I’d be sad to loose the prettiness of it in my housekeepers folder but appreciate a kindle friendly format. Is it possible to do both?

  10. I’m with Jenny – can’t we have both? I love the prettiness but I tend to read things on my Kindle these days. However, if I have to sacrifice, then I’ll just print the download so that I can have the pretty with it.

  11. I read books on my Kindle in general.

  12. angel jem on said:

    I’m a Kindle babe, so I’d go for function ahead of form most of the time….. BUT I do like pretty as well. I know, no help either way. Sensibly, I’d like the pdf pretty and the Kindle easy to read.

  13. Chrissie on said:

    Both please !

  14. OH MY Alison~ I do love my PDFs that I print out..I do it the second I see you have released another gem. Please do not stop the pretty parts! I do less on Kindle, (don’t own one), but would love to see an app on my iphone. I know lots of us like both, so that seems to be the best thing!
    Love it all, as always,

    • Ooh, an App! Now thats an idea! Don’t know how that would work, but worth a thought?! Ould have to be kindle/non apple and apple friendly tho? X

  15. I prefer Kindle versions. PDFs are only accessible at my desk, and since I read 99% of material on my iPhone, if I download a pdf I don’t get a lot of use out of it.

  16. Is there a way to make the ‘read only’ stuff (by that i mean the downloads with nothing to fill in ourselves) more Kindle/ipad/tablet friendly whilst still maintaining your personal aesthetic and then still having your beautiful trademark pretty on the parts that we would want to print? (Planners and things we will re use in real paper form in folders). Just for your info I read things on Kindle Fire and my iPhone but things i know i will want to print and keep go onto my laptop as documents (pdf). Not sure if this helps or hinders?! X

  17. Helena on said:

    I agree with what Sasha said–the “read-only” items are okay on the Kindle, but if it’s something full of printables I’d rather have it in PDF format so I can print it out from my computer.

  18. sanmora on said:

    I do like to print things out. If we can only have one version I vote for pretty. Love whatever you do. Sandi

  19. Hi Alison

    I do love the prettiness of the downloads but as I don’t own a printer I would prefer the Kindle version.

    Love your work xxx