The Daily Mail


Rumour has it that I will be gracing the pages of The Daily Mail within the next few days…

As soon as I know for sure I will let you know.

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0 comments on “The Daily Mail

  1. Thanks you, rumours are such ugly things, so to have it confirmed is a delight! Will keep my eyes open for you.

  2. I cannot believe I got Scrumptious Award of the Week! I love your blog! I shall even read the Daily Mail if you write for them. He, he, he. Many thanks for this! Completely overwhelmed!

  3. I shall buy it every day just in case!

  4. I am so hoping it will be in the online portion of the Daily mail! I've bookmarked it in anticipation! If not, you'll have to do something for us across the pond!!!! Love ya! G.

  5. Ooh how exciting! You're so hip.

  6. Hopefully you won't have to dress in lingerie to qualify for an interview.