The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries

In my head Christmas has already arrived. Though I know it is only mid-October, if you listen very carefully I swear you can already hear the jingle of Rudolph’s bells…

Luckily the season of complete and utter panic is not quite with us so I do believe that now is the most wonderful time of the year to concentrate on all the totally unnecessary frivolities of Christmas: the forging of teeny little rituals, the gathering of little puttery treats on Pinterest, and (oh bliss!) the hunt for and purchase of this years festive books…

To my delight, while shuffling around one of my trips around Amazon I discovered this little gem: a (big!) book of cosy Christmas mysteries. A little piece of heaven to me, a latecomer to the world of literary mysteries, and a book, as big as this one, six forty pages long, seems just the thing to settle my nerves after the hurly burly of December days.

With stories from everyone from Mary Higgins Clark to Agatha Christie, and tales new and old, there is bound to be something to send a shiver through my timbers as I sip a glass of mulled wine, so do forgive me when I say roll on Christmas, won’t you?

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6 comments on “The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries

  1. Bonnie on said:

    Thanks for the heads up..I’m pre-ordering and know I am going to love it! I think the visual you placed in my head, “as I sip a glass of mulled wine” and sitting next to a crackling fire threw me over to Amazon:}

  2. Oh my! I am so excited! Heading to Amazon now!

  3. chrissie on said:

    Me too ! I am a total Christmas nut. Had a wood burner fitted to be able to sit by it with a mug of hot chocolate and a book like this, utter bliss. Cannot fathom the Christmas haters. You don’t HAVE to celebrate but how insulting to those who do not know what Christmas means to say you do not want lights and food and gifts and warm wishes and man being kind to man full of the Christmas spirit. I say bring it on !

  4. I see it is in Kindle too 🙂 Not so cozy to read, but I get it easy here to the other side of the world, to Santa Claus homeland (it is Finland, don’t believe anybody else).

  5. The woman on the cover reminds me of Maureen O’Hara. I shall look for that in the Kindle book store.


  6. chrissie on said:

    just received mine ! Taking to bed with hot chocolate,