The All New Housekeepers Planner 2013-2014!


Heckity Pie, it’s here! The all new Housekeepers Planner for 2013 to 2014 is finally here!

As it had been four whole years since the last planner was released, I thought it was time for an update and so I have been squirreling away re-designing the existing planner and adding to it a whole new self nurture section (including menstruation chart, symptom checker and supplement planner!), more children’s charts (including morning and evening to-do lists) and integrated dividers and tabs…


The entire list of planners, pages and charts included in the 2013 -2014 Planner?

The Housekeepers Creed
Tab Page Instructions
Printable Tabs
Calendar 2013
Calendar 2014
Monthly Calendar 2013
Monthly Calendar 2014
Dates to Remember


Morning Routine
Evening Routine
Weekly Routine
Daily Planner
Weekly Meal Planner
Monthly Evening Meal Planner
Shopping List
Favorite Family Recipes
Weekly Grocery Price Check
Freezer Stock List
Pantry Store
Dinner Party Record
Emergency Information
Important Addresses
Medical Record
Medical Appointment Log
Pet Log


Bank Account Record
Credit and Debit Card Log
Everyday Spending Log
Housekeepers Weekly Budget
Housekeepers Monthly Budget
Insurance Organiser
Valuable Items Inventory
Mission List – To Do
Mission List – To Buy
Mission List – To Fix


Decorating Organizer
Electrical Goods Record
Houseplant Care
Seed Starting Notes
Gardeners Annual Tasks
School Record
School Attendance Log
Parent/Teacher Discussion Record
Educational Goals
Chore Chart
My Routine Contract (Girls)
My Routine Contract (Boys)


Babysitters Information
Emergency Information For Carers
Birthday Gift Record
Internet Log
Online Order Log
Ebay Sales
Ebay Purchases
Weight and Measurement Chart
Weekly Exercise Chart
Vitamin and Supplement Chart
Weekly Symptom Checker


Menstruation Record
Book Wish-List
Library Book Record
Weekly Gratitude
Spoil and Nurture Record
Favorite Puttery Treats
Twenty Lovely Things…

Phew! In short almost everything you need to keep your domestic life on track while looking after yourself and your family! Oh what it is to be organized Housekeepers, because when you have a scrumptious copy of my Vintage Housekeepers Planner you have all the tools you need to know exactly what “organized” feels like!

With seventy-eight downloadable pages, charts, logs and forms there is absolutely everything you need to start to plan a life more organized: a home-maker’s dream of routines, rituals, accounts, and records that will I hope make all the difference to your life as a Vintage Housekeeper and help you create the space, time and money to enjoy as many Puttery Treats as you feel you need: because that’s what organization is all about really isnt? Shoving the dull stuff out the way so you can get on with living a truly fabulous life??

You bet it is: and The Housekeepers Planner is the answer my darlings – this I know for sure!

Or become a Housekeeping Superstar today and get the Planner and everything else in the store in one scrumptious package. With prices starting at $12.00 a month: it’s a truly wonderful deal…

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  1. Beautiful planner Alison!