The ALL-NEW Edit!


For me, here at BrocanteHome, 2017 has been all about streamlining my business so that you my readers can enjoy the site without having to do battle with complicated navigation, or the kind of techie problems that all to frequently make the site evaporate altogether (damn you Bluehost!)…

You see over the past few months I have come to the shocking realization that I am not Superwoman and though this is a fact that utterly appalls me, I know that if Brocantehome is to continue to grow (and Oh Me Darlings thank-you, it’s finally growing: an overnight success it was not!), we all need continuity and simple ways of accessing all my lovely content.

The process started with The School of Life – a place for all my memberships and digital products to live and I know it has made a huge difference to all of you, and has meant that I am now able to focus solely on content without the constant worry that you were struggling to access everything in one convenient place.

Then came The Pep-Talks, currently exclusive to my Salon Members but something I have found so utterly rewarding because I know YOU have found them so very helpful, that over the next week I will be opening them to all, so everyone can have the chance to spend an hour or two with me on Skype working through their domestic issues on the road to a life less ordinary…

And finally today I bring you The Edit. A collection of all the scrumptious, puttery little somethings we covet as Brocanteers. While there have been versions of The Edit before, I have never quite thrown myself into creating a place to browse both the whimsical and the domestic practical in the same way, and over the past few weeks I have been steadily putting together a collection of Amazon recommendations and stock of my own (yikes!) so that you can discover the Brocante best of all things lovely, in one pretty place. Yup – from this day forward I am navigating the interwebs so you don’t have to…

The Edit is currently divided in to nine “Collections”…

The Comfort Drawer

In The Comfort Drawer you will find a collection of all the little somethings we need when we choose to practice extreme self-care and overwhelming personal kindness. From aromatherapy oils, to eye-pillows, coloring books  and pink chocolate, there is something for every occasion: whether we want to indulge, wallow or throw our very own little pity party…

The Library

In The Library you will find the book recommendations that live in the sidebar and will on a weekly basis make their way in to a dedicated collection so you can always browse for literary inspiration should an early night and a cup of cosy cocoa come-a-calling.

The Housekeeper’s Cupboard

In The Housekeeper’s Cupboard there is a growing collection of good quality domestic tools and organic cleaning products, because if we are to truly elevate the art of housekeeping, we should do it with the very best tools available to instill a sense of worth and pride in our daily efforts…

The Boudoir

In The Boudoir we focus on both sleep and intimacy. Because we are whole women and both are essential to our well-being. So you will find everything from great pillows to mood enhancing massage oil, to make the very most of the time you spend in your bedroom.

The Wardrobe

In The Wardrobe you will find  a tiny collection of pretty dresses, vintage inspired accessories and retro bikinis. Chosen for their sheer pretty, The Wardrobe will feature an eclectic collection of desirable pieces for our vintage-loving souls…

The Apothecary

In The Apothecary there is a myriad collection of oils, lotions and potions to help you create a well-being routine that enhances both health and beauty. Because our well-being matters, using good products is the kindest way to look after ourselves and buying something fragrant and scrumptious is quite the finest way to treat ourselves.

The Desk

In The Desk you will find a darling little range of desk accessories, planners, cards, journals and cameras. whether you simply sit down to write a letter or run an entire business at your desk, there is something pretty and oh so useful for everyone.

The Mat

In The Mat you will find a collection of products collated to enhance your spiritual well-being. With everything from the best of yoga-mats to crystals, oils, jewelry and tea, you can start to build the kind of life-enhancing rituals that shore up your mind and help you achieve balance.

The Pantry

And finally in The Pantry you will find a collection of healthy (but indulgent) basics and scrumptious little edible treats. Because life isn’t worth living without good food now is it?

Each week, there will be new products and collections added to The Edit and I hope you will come to use it as a starting point when you find yourself in need of a little domestic retail therapy… 

Thank-you as always for continuing to support BrocanteHome. I am always seeking to give back as much as I am capable of in gratitude and as the years go by my vision for how life can be for all of us, becomes firmer.

This then is a life less ordinary.