Surprise Balls

Surprize Balls

Do you know what a Surprise Ball is? No neither did I until I happened across them somewhere on the internet and now I am thoroughly charmed and desperate for an occasion to gift someone with a crêpe paper wrapped little ball full of teeny old-fashioned surprises…

They are I think, like a really pretty Pass the Parcel present: not the newspaper and wrapping paper monstrosities to be found at every kids party since time began, but delightful little balls of vintage inspired fun to be opened by the birthday girl, used as an all grown up Pass the Parcel game at a dinner party or simply gifted to someone in need of a little cheering up…

Mother's Day Surprize Balls

With a range of different Surprise Balls for different occasions throughout the year, they seem to range from the truly elegant to the deliciously kitsch and as you start to unwind the crêpe paper, gifts silly and joyful fall into your lap…




You see I do believe it is the little things that delight the heart and while Surprise Balls, bought or home-made might just be filled with frippery and nonsense, the very act of unwinding something so deliciously silly, is I think, what memories are made of.

Japanese surprise balls

As Vintage Housekeeper’s then we have the opportunity to make or buy a little stash of Surprise Balls to celebrate the teeniest of family joys: to award little school successes once monthly or to pop a Surprise Ball under the pillow of someone feeling a little down. We can make it a ritual to always have a Surprise Ball at the place of the Birthday Boy on the breakfast table or give one to a child laid low with chicken pox or something equally as miserable…

Easter Surprise Balls

They really are adorable: the perfect mix of whimsy and child-like joy and so very BrocanteHome, for like the Christmas Crackers we lay on our festive table, they speak of both ritual and celebration and exist not for material gain of gifts worth having, but for the sheer fun of unwrapping something so mysterious!

heart surpise balls

The Surprise Balls featured here come from Tops Malibu, who stock a vast selection of these little darlings (alongside the equally lovely Wish Capsules), but you could of course make your own from crêpe paper and ribbon and personalize them with charms and toys collected especially for your intended recipient or occasion…

Just right for Valentines Day methinks.

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One comment on “Surprise Balls

  1. Your idea of presenting one to a child with chicken pox has reminded me of one of my favourite stories from My Naughty Little Sister. I must go and look it up now x