Spring Come Rain Fall

I am rather loathe to show you this because I cannot fathom how you can easily order it for yourself should you so desire, but it is so lovely I really cannot resist regardless…

If ever there was a wonderful gift buyer, my sister Helen is she. Working in Soho, just a heartbeat away from Liberty as she does, and combining easy access to the most utterly scrumptious shops in London, with her own exquisite taste, makes Christmas morning blissful not only because Santa is always so very good to me, but because in among all my other lovely gifts will be a stack of the most darling of wrapped presents from Helen.

This year alongside a cloche jar I have long been coveting, this book (heartily recommended by me!), and a happy little collection of rabbit themed gifts, I received this anonymous looking plain white backed book resplendent with folded pieces of wrapping paper in the loveliest of patterns. It is quite the most useful book ever, with a collection of labels and tags at the back in muted, understated designs…


Though I have found the manufactures on-line store,  I am pretty certain Helen didn’t pop over to Singapore to acquire this little bit of Spring Come Rain Fall organised heaven for me and as she is too busy to harass with questions today, I find myself rather stumped as to where it came from and thus I do believe this post could be akin to showing off something rather lovely…

I do apologise. Showing off is so very rarely my thing…

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8 comments on “Spring Come Rain Fall

  1. Hi Alison Try these for the deco paper.



    Best wishes


  2. Margaret on said:

    And a thank you from me, too, Rachel 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh!! That is lovely! Brag away 🙂

  4. How gorgeous! If I had this, I think I’d be too greedy to use any of it.

  5. Sasha on said:

    I’m sure I saw some like this in a Waterstones near me…….! x