Sacred Kindness

I am not naturally kind. Not because I am not instinctively kind, but because embarrassment prevents me from offering that kindness to others. It is a hideous trait and one that means that while I may have much to give I hesitate to give it for fear of disappointing my recipient. A preposterous, self-limiting state of affairs if ever there was one…

Luckily the world is made up of more generous souls. Those who give because they can. Those who know how to delight others. To bring a smile when a smile is least expected. To give more, often much more than would ever be expected…

Jennifer from the Etsy shop’s Sacred Cake and the blissful, White Picket Fences is one of those people who clearly has kindness written in calligraphic script throughout her twinkly bones. On Saturday I returned home to find a parcel from America waiting for me. A puffy envelope with all the exciting postal marks and stamps, parcels from abroad are decorated with. And there inside was a teeny white box wrapped in blue ribbon and paper. I don’t mind telling you that my heart skipped a little beat.

And then when I carefully unwrapped my darling little something, that same old heart did a somersault for there inside was the necklace I had featured as Treasure of the Day right here on Brocantehome a few weeks back. A necklace of pale green peridot and (oh my silly heart be still! ) a pair of matching earrings. I put them on right then and there and wore them around the house in my nightie as I painted my toenails and watched Four In a Bed. Feeling like Elizabeth Taylor on a happy Saturday evening and trying to beam telepathic whoops of glittery joy to Jennifer…

Generosity and jewels… there can be no better combination can there?

So here’s to all of those who have so much to teach me about kindness. to Jennifer’s truly lovely style and to her willingness to send a little bit of herself over the Atlantic. I cannot thank her enough…

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One comment on “Sacred Kindness

  1. I had no idea you wrote this lovely post…
    How kind of you to mention me here.
    I adore your writing…and was so honored that you chose one of my pieces to showcase!
    At the risk of sounding too corny,
    It just feels good to give…especially to one who appreciates it.
    I feel so undeserving of these words.
    Thank you from the depths of my heart.