Pixie Blossoms

If you have ever wondered why I don’t post many photographs from the house, it is because the light in this low ceiling-ed 1860 terraced cottage absolutely STINKS. There simply isn’t any. Watching Finley and I step blinking, out of the front door, must be like watching a family of moles poke their little heads out of their muddy little undergroundholes. You see, call around here for afternoon tea and even in mid-summer you will find yourself, legs propped upon my red velvet sofa, sipping iced tea and nibbling a cucumber sandwich in the light of four lamps and many a twinkly china-cupped tea-light.

Should necessity strike and a photograph be absolutely necessary the only decent light to be found is in the bathroom, which is thankfully big enough in which to swing a possy of cats but hardly desirable for the kind of oh so gorgeous food photography I find so utterly mouth-watering on other blogs…

What in heavens name has this got to do with Pixie Blossoms? Frankly not a lot other than while perusing her lovely collection of sewing notion cards I was filled with the kind of envy apparently untempered by the idea that Zee’s gorgeous photography is the result of the serendiptious chemistry between her clever eye and beautiful spirit, and nothing to do with the fact that she may or may not be blessed with decent light…

Go see her Etsy shop, then come back and give me a good talking to- because let’s face it a bad work-woman always blames her tools.

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