Paypal Palaver!

Dear me. If I had brains I would be dangerous. For all those of you who have tried to buy my 365 Housekeeping system overnight, I can only apologise. It seems a little dallying with the post killed the paypal button and many of you have been lost in a circle of frustration.

It is now fixed and if you want to buy 365 Housekeeping for the extra-special, pre-launch, I cannot apologise enough, price of just $15.00 then go right ahead and press the link below…

Buy 365 Housekeeping Now!

Many thanks me Darlings.x

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4 comments on “Paypal Palaver!

  1. Julie on said:

    This link is still being naughty! Says my paypal acct. has timed out. Nasty little devil, that paypal.

    • brocantehome on said:

      Oh my goodness I am so sorry, I have absolutely no idea what is happening!! It looks as if it is now working my end, but if all else fails and you still want to buy 365 Housekeeping, then you could simply send the $15.00 by paypal to brocantehome21 at, with a note letting me know what you have ordered and which paypal address you would like me to send it to.
      Once again my apologies!x

  2. It’s naughty for me too. Says I haven’t got cookies turned on (I do too!). I’ve tried it in 3 browsers.