Officer Finn.



Oh the ordeals we put our children through. Witness my Darlings, the worst day of my little boys life. An encounter with local Bobby Ewan, (He is coming to put me in jail Mommy, cos I’m complicated and can’t stop being naughty). The humiliation of being drowned in a policemans outfit and worst of all having said pictures paraded to the world (and its poodle) on the nursery website.

Bless his rosy cheeks.

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0 comments on “Officer Finn.

  1. Bless his little cottons, he does look like butter wouldn't melt though doesn't he!!!

  2. awww isn't he cute! I can see a future policeman in the making…

  3. He is so darn cute! I love when you post photos of your little man!!

  4. Mabel Fortune on said:

    You posted article on the scrummy PC Finn suggests that you would be opposed to him joining the local constabulary. I hope this is not the case! I think it would be splendid if he became part of that "thin blue line" between the nice people and the bad people. I for one will encourage him every step of the way.

  5. Those curls! No, I'm not referring to the copper. 😉