Odd Things

Left to my own devices on Saturday night, I smacked myself in the face with a plate and I am now sporting a black eye. It doesn’t seem possible does it? Not unless you deliberately raised a plate of blue cheese and sun dried tomatoes up to your head and slammed it in your eye. But I didn’t. I merely sat down with my plate in my right hand, and grabbed the remote control with the left and hey ho plate walloped face in the kind of odd accident in the home it is almost impossible to describe…

But then life is full of odd things isn’t it? Yesterday I was standing at the sink with my hands in a bowl of lavender scented bubbles when I saw, in amongst the leaves decorating the decking in the garden, the photograph of Mr and Mrs Nobody above. And there they were, in their wedding finery, with Mrs Nobody carrying what appears to be a fuzzy black cat. I mean really, odd mais non? Not just the marital pussy cat, but also the fact that these people I do not recognise have fluttered their way into my life, and must now be surely given pride of place in amongst my collection of vintage wedding portraits. Dear little people, please rest assured you have found your spirital home: I only hope yours was and still is a match made in heaven….

Perhaps odd seeks me out? Perhaps I go looking for it! Or perhaps odd happens to other people all day everyday and it simply doesn’t register on their internal list of oddities? Yes that might be it: maybe other people smack themselves in the face with a plate all the time and they just don’t see fit to talk about it. Maybe it would never, ever, never enter their head that a simple accident is just that: an accident. Not a dispatch from my conscience telling me I am eating too much cheese!  Perhaps they would have just picked up Mr and Mrs Nobody, still soaking wet from one of these relentless Winter showers, and instead of taking them in and drying them slowly on a warm radiator, gently wrapped in a white towel, they would have simply walked them to the bin and never stopped to dwell on just what kind of omen the universe had delivered to their door. I mean really what could a woman in a wedding dress carrying a furry cat mean anyway??

And there you have it: my penchant for all things odd must be explained away by the fact I am always looking for meanings. For messages. For direction and instruction. And for truth.  Because I cannot rely on myself? Because I do not trust my own instincts? Because it isn’t enough to know that I smacked myself in the eye because I am a clumsy and that the kind of winds we have been having lately will surely deliver all kinds of paper rubbish too my door before the season is through? Or simply because I am as mad as a box of frogs?

Ahem. Mad meet odd. Try to behave yourselves won’t you? A person gets terribly exhausted by your shenanigans.

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10 comments on “Odd Things

  1. chrissie on said:

    I had one ! The furry black cat ! They were lucky black cats given with silver horseshoes by little kids as you exited from the church. My cat had lurid green eyes. First marriage in 74. Far from lucky ha ! I reckon this photo had been long buried in your garden. How exciting.

  2. Karla Neese on said:

    Yes and in the English Midlands they believed a black cat near you or sneezing on you on your wedding day as the bride meant a happy marriage. So odd but explainable. 🙂

  3. At least the kitty wasn’t alive!

  4. Odd things happen to me all the time. Especially those of the clumsy, smack yourself in the eye sort.

  5. I’m so sorry, I don’t like to laugh at others but I nearly spat my morning coffee all over my computer when I read that first line! Laughed myself silly. Sorry again.
    PS, love that you kept the photo.

  6. I love the idea of messages from the universe. Odd is good.

  7. Odd is good. When we stop noticing all the weird connections in the universe, our creativity suffers. You could maybe skip the cheese plate in the face variety of oddness – but finding the wedding picture? What a gift from the universe!

  8. Oh, I too find wonder and happiness in the oddities that the universe seems to throw up! How wonderful about the photo (and not so wonderful about the black eye, I am sorry to hear that). I agree it might be a matter of perception and simply noticing these things where others may not, and how lucky we are if we do!

  9. I do love those leaves in your photo. I’m sorry to see the back of Autumn. Mad? Not at all darling. It is we who are sane. The rest of the world is crazy.

    Ali x

  10. maria smith on said:

    A week or so back I was deep cleaning my bathroom and came in for a big wallop on the back of my head. Ouch!