New On Amazon – More Scrumptious Treats For Vintage Housekeepers!

Well it has been ever such a long time coming, but I am pleased to announce that this morning “More Scrumptious Treats For Vintage Housekeepers went live on Amazon. Like my last two little books, it is available  for just $0.99 (77p) and it features over 500  more puttery treats gathered from both the site and my newsletters in the past two years…

So if you want to add to the encyclopedia of puttery treats on your Kindle, then today is the day me darlings.x

Buy it here on and here on

P.S: If you are kind enough to buy More Scrumpious Treats for Vintage Housekeepers, I would be so grateful if you could leave an honest review on Amazon: it really helps.x


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5 comments on “New On Amazon – More Scrumptious Treats For Vintage Housekeepers!

  1. Jane Grayson on said:

    Bought your fab new book this afternoon. Loving it! I only managed to read for a few minutes and then I had to go and have some puttery treat fun. My hands are so soft after gardening today from making the hand scrub and my bathroom has new soap bars! Little things, but they really made my day. Looking forward to reading the rest. I will, of course, leave 5* Amazon feedback. Thanks Alison. x

  2. Hi Alison! I came across your book on Amazon last night and snapped it up with joy. So lovely. Reading it was a wonderful way to end a tiring day and to fuel dreams of lovely treats.

  3. Oonagh Steele on said:

    OH YEY!!! Another fabulous book of puttery treats!!! I shall browse said book this afternoon upon my balcony whilst basking in the sunshine. One must make the most of the sun in Ireland, as it rarely shows it’s face here don’t you know!!

  4. Yay! I’m off to Amazon right now!

  5. I really admire you. Your books make my day!!! Thanks for sharing <3