My 2013 Book List!

The year I rented my first flat I also started my library of books about homemaking, housekeeping and interiors. For a long while this is what I spent my money on – books – and in the course of collection I have ended up with hundreds of beautiful coffee table odes to all that is lovely in the domestic arena.

But prowling around my bookcases last night it struck me that at some point I stopped buying the kind of books that make my heart sing and that my collection of large picture books pays tribute to the interiors of ¬†1995 to 2005 and then dwindles significantly…

I cannot pinpoint a reason for this. Certainly my library use has increased since then and a little man called Finley seems to eat all my spare cash for breakfast. Or perhaps it is because the constant feed of images on the internet satisfies my urge for daily inspiration, not to mention the all-purveying lure of the now ubiqtuous e-reader and the one-click route to literary joy.

But I miss big lovely books. I miss sitting with the evidence of true style in my hands. Sniffing the paper and pouring over images I would die to replicate in my own home. And so this morning as I opened my January Puttery Companion and decided it was time to make my book list for 2013, I resolved to buy one beautiful interiors book every month this year so that by the end of 2013 I will have an updated shelf full of interior pretty and will be able to take a little bit of inspiration to bed with my chamomile tea…

Here’s my list of ¬†longed for books: some not yet released and some I have been yearning for, for a while…




The Vintage Tea Party Year by Angel Adoree





Junk Style by Melanie Molesworth




Liberty Love by Alexa Marcellie Abegg




Heirloom Modern

Heirloom Modern by Hollister Hovey





A Life Less Ordinary by Alex Legendre and Zoe Ellison





The Where Women Create Book of Organization by Jo Packham


decorating withwhite

Decorating With White by Gina Hyams




The New Eighteenth Century Home byMichele Lelande



Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker





The Life of a BowerBird by Sibella Court



Designers at home


Designers At Home by Ronda Rice Carman



Pretty Pastel Style by Selina Lake

Happy reading Housekeepers!

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3 comments on “My 2013 Book List!

  1. Life of a Bowerbird is a fantastic title of a book about decorating. I love bowerbirds! Really, though, they are the OCD hoarders of the natural world.

  2. I just ordered The Vintage Tea Party Year and I can’t wait until it arrives!

  3. Love, Mimi xxx on said:

    It just so happens, that I received The Vintage Tea Party Year for Christmas twice….would you like one of my copies? xx