It Must Be Spring!

Oh my. I rather suspect Spring might have sprung. I need a pair of Hasbeens please. In cherry red. While I nibble a cake-pop and wear over-sized black spectacles I barely need.

Because I’m a wannabe (old-lady) hipster. I’ve started saying stuff they say. But damn it, now is not the time for a mid-life crisis. Not when the kitchen ceiling is on the kitchen floor.

Heck those sandals are nice.  I can’t stop thinking about them.

Clearly I need to get a life so I’m off into to Liverpool to look at giant dinosaurs. Yeah that should do it. Will send you a postcard.x

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5 comments on “It Must Be Spring!

  1. What do you mean "The kitchen ceiling is on the floor"???? I thought you just had work done in there! Oh I hope you haven't had some kind of big household disaster!

    Love the shoe colours, by the way….dreaming of Spring.

  2. Oh, man–I'm really wanting some of those Hasbeens, too–probably yellow ones!
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  3. Sign me up for a pair too. Although I don't know that red is my color. Mustard or pink might do it for me though.
    My recent post Chrysalis

  4. Blimey! Better start saving now! I had some plain, swedish clogs when I was a trendy schoolgirl back in the 70's. To be honest, they were a bit uncomfortable then. Maybe things have changed since then

    I love the bright shoes and mismatching tights look. I work in a college art dept and these lovelies would look suitably kooky for us arty girls!

  5. they are divine! I saw similar yesterday on another blog and want the red pair also!
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