Housekeepers Planner Update

Morning m’dears. By special request, please find an UN-DATED Housekeepers Planner cover page here for all those of you who have bought my lovely planner….

Download it here… 

Click here to get your very own copy of the Housekeepers Planner

Or become a Housekeeping Superstar today and get the Planner and everything else in the store in one scrumptious package. With prices starting at $12.00 a month: it’s a truly wonderful deal…

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2 comments on “Housekeepers Planner Update

  1. Heather Booth on said:

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Heather Booth on said:

    Sorry to drag up an old thread and to be annoying but is there any chance of a 2015 calendar to match the planner at some point soon? I know it is far too early to be thinking about next year but i have things in my diary for then already and I want to keep my planner as my primary organiser.
    No problems if there isn’t, I can use calendar blanks and transfer over in time – I just wondered 🙂
    Thank you so much x