Housekeeper’s Noticeboard


Happy 4th of July to all of my American readers: I truly hope you are enjoying a day abundant with family and sunshine!

Here at Chez Brocante I have spent the weekend creating a little office space for myself and trawling around Ikea in search of a bed and desk so that I can sort out the kind of back problems that come from hunching over my laptop on the sofa and trying to sleep on a broken divan…

Today I wanted to share a few notices…

  • First up I was recently a guest on the Exposure Ninja podcast, alongside one of my lovely readers, Nic, and together with Tim from Exposure Ninja we discuss how BrocanteHome was born, my business philosophy of sorts and what authenticity in blogging means to me.
  • Secondly my ¬†BrocanteHome post “Stopping and Starting” is up on Medium.Com, should you need reminding to be kinder to yourself…
  • And finally there is a new “Bedtime Story” called “Kitchen Sunshine” available in the library for my¬†salon members, so do plan an early night with a cosy pot of chamomile won’t you?


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