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Housekeeper’s revamp

I am currently in the midst of running around like a headless turkey. It doesn’t matter how organised I am in the Christmas department of life, come December I am a headless turkey, and this year I am a headless turkey feeling muddled without my Mum’s festive pep-talks and general giddying up. It’s hard. I feel a little absent

But it is what it is and life must go on and all that jazz and so today I am popping in to paste a few notices on to my virtual board, to keep you all up to date with the goings on in my head about the state of our scrumptious little Brocante nation, and my plans for the site in 2016.


First up, my School of Life course, Life ReVamp is now available in the download store as a PDF and you can grab it right here for just $6.00. This m’dears is the perfect download to buy if you are even contemplating changing your way of life in the New Year…


Next, as you probably know by now, The Heart+Home Planner is now available for immediate download and this week’s Twelve deals of Christmas offer is a whopping $30.00 of the usual price of $40.00 for my oh so fabulous Muse course: nine gorgeous downloads dedicated to helping you step in to the New Year, more in touch with your authentic self , with a focus on everything from how you dress, to your house, the food you eat, and the relationships your nurture. Though I do say so myself, it is ludicrously inspiring….


Now: 2016. You know over the twelve years I have been blogging, I do believe the actual art of blogging has become more difficult by the year. So much of blogging as a business is dependant on the constant bombardment of social media with “optimised” images and sending our Facebook messages at the right time of day, among a thousand other fiddly bits of nothing that do not actually amount to getting words written on to the screen. It’s exhausting, but unfortunately if you do not play the game, a blog can quite easily sink without a trace these days, no matter how good or bad the content. It isn’t what it was, and I am an old dog trying to learn new tricks and some of me finds it exciting and most of me finds it depressing, because all of me just wants to write…

So in 2016 I will be writing. Even if I have to squeeze every last word torturously out of my brain and write when I don’t feel like writing. I will be writing new books, new downloads and regular blog posts.

Beyond that my plans for BrocanteHome are yet unformed, but I am working my way through my Shining Life and Biz Planners and in the midst of the muddle that is losing my Mum, having a new (and oh so precious) relationship and trying to move house, I can feel the tingle of excitement I always experience as the New Year approaches, and that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Talk soon Darlings.x

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2 comments on “Housekeeper’s Noticeboard

  1. Barbara D. on said:

    Yes Alison keep writing. Your heart and soul want to write, to share thoughts, musings and the random ideas that come to mind. Am happily anxious to read thru 2016!

  2. Luisa Perkins on said:

    You’re so brilliant and inspiring and real. Please keep writing! I find I can’t do without you.