Housekeeper’s Noticeboard

Housekeeper's Noticeboard

Housekeeper’s Noticeboard

Happy Half-term my lovelies! I am popping into The Housekeeper’s Noticeboard today to tell you that with two little boys and one grown-man at home for the entire week, things might get a little hit and miss round here for a few days while we get the house ready for sale photographs on Wednesday, drag the children in to the fresh air occasionally and generally grab just a teeny weeny bit of downtime before Ste starts a new job and I rally my troops (that’s you Circle members!) to get their scrub on when the Seasonal Scrub starts next week…

In the meantime I have got a little list of notices I need to share with you, so if I have your undivided attention Housekeepers I shall consult my pretty little notebook and begin…

First: eyes up and you will see a new link to the Brocante Edit. I have been experimenting with various methods of sharing and monetising my style and (occasionally dubious!) taste with you over the years but never quite hit upon anything that allowed me to upload and share all the scrumptiousness I find in on-line stores around the interwebs. And now I have The Edit: an easy to build page full of little somethings that define the Brocante way of life. A kind of fantasy wish-list if you will. click over or follow the Brocante Edit on Pinterest.

Next: The Christmas Countdown is now in full swing, but some of you are reporting the occasional lost email. If an email does not turn up when you are expecting it, chances are your in-box has eaten it. Luckily, there is a very quick way to catch up or look back through the archives of the Christmas Countdown, by simply opening the last email you did receive and clicking “view this email on-line”, then when the email opens in a new tab, simply click “past issues” and ta da!, an archive of all the past emails will open up before your eyes and you can click through and find exactly what you have missed. This also means me darlings, that it isn’t too late to sign up and join us counting your way down to the most organised, really rather fabulous Christmas that you and I have ever had!

Today: Scrumptious Treats for Vintage Housekeepers is currently FREE on Amazon! So if by chance you are a new reader and want a lovely, puttery introduction to how we do things here at Brocantehome, this book might just be the perfect place to start… Get it on here and  on here and if you would please consider writing an Amazon review for this or any of my other books you might have read (good or bad), I would be  truly grateful: every single reviews helps to spread the Brocante word…

Tomorrow: This weeks Twelve Deals of Christmas offer will be on-line and next week, House Rules will finally land in your in-boxes. Circle members will of course get it free. And readers? I think it may just have been worth the wait…

And finally: The Brocante Affiliate program is now open, and the some of the initial members are making a pretty penny selling The Winter House and other downloads in the Brocante store, so if you are interested in sharing 50% of the profit on each download sold, I would be so very delighted to welcome you as a Brocante affiliate. Just click here to join up.

Have a lovely day… 


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4 comments on “Housekeeper’s Noticeboard

  1. I am so sad. It’s not available in Canada and the American and UK amazon won’t allow me to download it.


  2. I love all of the great things you having going on!

  3. I have been reading you since Finlay was just a baby. So many years now! Thank you for everything you make my world a little nicer every time I visit 🙂

    Is there somewhere that I can find all of your puttery treats?