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Hello Sweethearts. Let me begin this swoop around my bookmarks and inner workings of my silly little heart by saying a huge big thank-you for all the support, cards, letters, prayers, emails and comments you have sent me over the past six weeks. I don’t think I need to tell you how amazing it is to have the kind words of virtual friends wrapped around me. It makes all the difference in the world and I consider myself supremely lucky to have this little polka dotty world of support just a heart beat away.

I am doing ok. Some days are of course better than others and I am ok with that: I trust myself enough now to go with my feelings in that moment in time because I know tomorrow will be different. It always is.

But anyways… enough of my melancholia. Let’s talk about the naughty people that have been hacking my social networks. Recently you may have received a tweet, facebook message, or email from me extolling the virtue of working from home or a brand new way to shift half your body weight overnight and I want to assure you that I would never, ever, never spam you in such a way and all the peculiar little goings on apparently from me, simply weren’t! So as a result I have closed down Facebook for the time being, the good people of Twitter are addressing the rather annoying weight loss tweets and I have deleted the old email account at the heart of the problem. All should be well now… fingers crossed!

Ok shall we move on to things a little lovelier? Here m’dears are a few reminders that life is still it’s own bit of wonderful. And that even when it seems impossible there is a whole world of inspiration worth climbing out of bed for…


* First up…I Need by Maverick Sabre. I need sunshine and I need angels. Me too Maverick. Me too. So I’ve got this song on repeat about five hundred times a day, trying to work out what else I need…. yellow gladioli and scrambled egg? My own pillows at night. A kiss before Finn runs into class. The boiler to work again (please!). Ballet slippers with bows that make me smile. My friends. Not to catch Kath’s awful cold. Bluebell scented hand cream. Transcendental Meditation. My Rose quartz crystal. Bed socks because I couldn’t be less sexy if I tried. Memories. Downton Abbey. The will required to sell all the little pretties I bought for the wedding. My little family back together.

* Now The History Chicks: Two women creating downright fabulous gossipy chatty podcasts about famous female names in history from Betty Crocker to Mary Wollstonecraft. Cinderella to Queen Victoria. Start with this one about 1950’s housewives and trot backwards in time thereafter…

* Next… Something pretty for my sink from Motif. Pretty tubs of naturally formulated hand wash and cutey pie wet wipes in lovely patterns and scents inspired by fruit, flora and herbs.  Don’t forget to grab one of the pretty patterened wallpapers for your desktop too…

* Now, my latest blog crush: AppleTurnover.Tv.  A homely, gentle ode to the gentle pleasures of home-making  and just the kind of quiet voice I need right now. All that and pretty pictures. Blog bliss.

* And next, a place I am losing hours of time haunting because nothing pleases me more than snooping around the closets and imaginations of  creative women and this site is some kind of delicious…. Go see at ClosetVisit


* On my iPad at the moment? Kinfolk Magazine. A celebration of small gatherings, from tea for two to the lesser spotted but oh so wonderful Blossom Party… (I did tell you I have an iPad right? Richard bought it for me as an early him to me wedding present…).

* And on my Kindle? Halloween at Merryvale. An old fashioned tale of a Halloween party attended by a gang of little boys, that I read aloud to Finley last night as we snuggled up and chatted about the rituals of All Hallows and debated why Trick or Treating wasn’t the best idea in the world for a little boy with Celiac Disease, for who really wants to be tortured by a bucket full of treats he probably couldn’t eat??  So thank heavens there is a Pumpkin Walk setting off from the bandstand in the park this evening instead…

* And finally on this, the spookiest night of all, A Fragrant Minute from my Darling Wilhelmina Stitch, describing why our fears don’t always have to be our undoing, a message I am gluing to my heart right now…

” We stood our fears up one by one; we stood our fears up in a row, and then we had the greatest fun- we knocked them down with one sure blow. We aimed at them; in turn we aimed. We treated them like ninepins small; as each one fell, our courage flamed. Why fears are nothing, after all!

When all were lying flat and dead, we looked into each others eyes; we smiled, and both together said, “Those fears are just a pack of lies.” We took them by their useless feet; I carried eight, he carried eight; we flung them on the dusty street, and there we left them to their fate.

And then before the fire we sat. Said I, “You are a splendid shot!” Said he, “You helped to knock them flat, and now we’ve killed the tiresome lot.”

“I’ve gulped down fears” I said to him. “I’ve locked them up in cupboards too. And one that was extremely grim, was chained to me a whole year through. But oh! this way was far the best, for we now can live with laughter and zest.”

Have a happy Halloween Housekeepers.

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7 comments on “Housekeepers Carousel

  1. Dolores on said:

    Thanks for introducing me to Maverick Sabre!

  2. What a beautiful post! I had a peek at Kinfolk magazine, and it made me take a mental step backwards when I read the article title 'entertaining for one'. I think I had forgotten that oneself is as deserving of entertaining and little treats as guests and friends! Thank you for the timely reminder xxx

  3. Thank's so much for sharing the Motif love with your readers!

  4. I hope the enjoyment I got from this post comes right back around to you! I loved that Maverick Sabre song, had never heard of him and just found him on iTunes. Thank You! The poem was wonderful too. We do need our friends and family to help us knock out the fears and demons don't we? I'm off to check out more of your links. Sending you a big hug and prayers that you get all that you need.
    Peace be with you,

  5. ps and I couldn't get though this awful heartache of my own without my iPad. It's a solid salve.

  6. lazy h on said:

    Hello Alison, hope you and Finn enjoyed Hallowe'en and Bonfire Night and that you are still doing OK. 🙂