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Well now I rather feel as though I am bombarding you with new developments on the Brocante front, but if I don’t tell you, you won’t know and then where would we be?

I promise I will be back to blogging my life away very, very soon (in fact do remind me to tell you what I found in my loft last week won’t you?) but the past weekend has been spent converting The Seasonal Scrub for the Kindle and getting my all new Vintage Housekeepers Circle site almost open for business. And it truly won’t be long until all that is currently outstanding is sitting in your in-boxes: this m’dears is a woman with her mojo back!

The Seasonal Scrub has been released for the Kindle today and at just $0.99 on Amazon.Com and £0.79 on Amazon.Co.Uk, now might just be the perfect time to pack your device with a little housekeeping inspiration ready for the day the kids finally get back to school and we can really get our scrub on!

The Vintage Housekeepers Circle is the scrumptious re-incarnation of the original Brocantehome members group – a friendly community of vintage housekeeping lovers dedicated to creating a life less ordinary. It replaces my existing Housekeeping Superstar Programme and with three different price points is hopefully more accessible to all those who would like to be a part of the fun. You can pop over to peek at the new site right now and it will officially open for business in the next few days…

There are such exciting times ahead Housekeepers and I’m already loving every minute of it…

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2 comments on “Housekeeper’s Bulletin Board

  1. Keep them coming, Alison! I’m a happy bunny x

  2. Margaret on said:

    Hear hear, I’m loving it all.