Email Fail

I am taking a quick break from a morning of mango smoothies and lavender and chocolate chip shortbreadmen to tell you that I suspect I am not receiving many of your emails because I am sitting here seething about replies I have been expecting and feeling befuddled by some of the emails I have received following up enquiries already made, but not received on my end.

This is probably no mystery. Those emails missing in action have probably been swallowed by a number of filters and plugins I jazzed up my email account with one cosy afternoon shortly after Christmas and as we speak are probably lingering somewhere: apparently anywhere but my in-box which is the only place I ever look!

So my Darlings take from this short missive these five truths…

* I have not fallen out with you and presumably (fingers crossed!) you haven’t fallen out with me!
* I would be really, truly grateful if you could re-send anything you suspect I have missed as I have now uninstalled the silly little fancy nothings I saw fit to attach and would truly love to re-connect with you…
* Alison May should not be left alone with whizzy little buttons and snazzy little add-ons because she will mess with them and cause Brocante chaos!
* Life was simpler when the only thing liable to cause mis-communications of this kind was the failure to attach a stamp to an envelope and/or post the darn thing!
* And finally as soon as I hear from you I will answer as soon as I can.

Ok Sweeties, happy Sunday, now as you were…

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4 comments on “Email Fail

  1. No worries. It was so exciting to hear your voice on the post. I love your beautiful accent and look forward to more posts from you. I am a superstar and so glad I joined up. This is my year to get organized, become more CONTENT and you have been a huge example to many of us I am sure! Thank you again for all you bless us with on your site. I know it is a lot of work and takes both your time and tons of creativity.

    • Karla Neese on said:

      I feel like I’m telling the same story as Linda. My email got resolved without need of a reply – I just got in too big a hurry.

      I agree hearing your sweet voice was so lovely. I too just because a SUPERSTAR (I feel like Mary Katherine Gallagher saying that) and am glad I finally stopped fretting over the cost. I almost signed up at the name your price weekend and didn’t. So glad I paid full price – it means more and I know it’s providing some extra needing income for such a lovely lady.

      2013 I have dubbed the year my home gets lean and clean. I didn’t make it a resolution because i tend to break those but I just decided it this weekend whilst cleaning out some clutter in our bedroom. I want to be content where I live because it’s lovely.

      Be blessed Alison!

  2. I was wondering if you had received my long letter! If you had, ——-well, I sent it again! Have a cozy Sunday. You should see the sparkle in the northern hemisphere of the dining room. You inspired me to really scrub and shine… Methods Almond spray is divine!!! Hugs!

  3. I joined too, Alison….can’t wait to start organising my home. I have already started on my bedroom. It’s becoming a sanctuary and slowing losing it’s nightmarish status of having tons of clutter. I’m almost there!