Clara Lidstrom

Darn it, I hate waiting for books! Particularly when they look as Swedish-Scrumptious as this one does!

Not due to be published until October 1st 2013, Vintage Crafts is written by Clara Lidstrom of UnderbaraClara fame and looks set to be just as lovely and inspirational as her happy little blog…

That chest on the front cover could almost have me resurrecting my career in painted furniture… almost. Miss Mustard Seed I wasn’t.

Have a nice day Sweetheart.x

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3 comments on “Clara Lidstrom

  1. Hi I just found your book. Thank you so much for all the joy! I enjoy sewing and making my jumpers,
    my tablecloth, napkins, pillows, curtins and gifts. In my kitchen is a painted cupboard from the 1930’s and Aunt Dora’s clothes dresser is smiling at us painted by our son. I made yellow gingham curtins for the fall and sewed bright buttons to the front edge. My hubby slipped silk leaves I had saved and threaded over the buttons. They flutter! Keep stitching and smiling. Hugs Trudy Groff Costello

  2. shelley maita on said:

    thank you for the lovely, creative, and inspiring book: vintage crafts. such fun ideas. i especially like that you use and repurpose so much of what you have around your home. one part of the book bothers me. the cover photo of your aunt marta’s chest of drawers. i’m certain the top two large drawers are supposed to be in reverse order. then the branches of her lovely rose bush would align nicely. you probably chose to put the drawers out of order for visual interest. i feel better for having mentioned, JUST IN CASE you had not realized there was a proper order. i know i’m obsessing over this unimportant matter, but i feel better for having mentioned this.

  3. shelley maita on said:

    i’d like to know where to purchase the flaxseed oil softsoap you so highly recommend. thank you!