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Who doesn’t want a little pretty on their wrist? I know for sure that I do. And though I rely almost completely on my mobile phone for telling the time, I do love to see those who remain so very dedicated to their wrist watch and wish rather heartily to be in their gang. Wrist watch wearers have always struck me as such sensible people. The sort who probably haven’t tucked their phone into their bra, in case, heaven forbid, they should find themselves less than inches away from their technological lifeline.

I live in hope you see, of turning sensible. Though it seems unlikely at the grand old age of 44 that sensibility will settle on my shoulders I do believe it is important to keep on believing that even the most ludicrous of notions are still possible even when there are hairs growing out of your chin.

So you see now that I have happened across a range of Cath Kidston watches on Very.Co.Uk hope is springing eternal. For there’s a watch or two I might just want to strap to wrist. One I might remember to wear in the same way I remember to wear my Fitbit. One that strikes me as strapping a little happy to my arm. I do so like to add a little happy to my black uniform. A pretty scarf. A pair of earrings tinkling when I turn my head. A vintage brooch to catch the eye…

So umm, yes. Cath Kidston does pretty watches. And I am never, ever going to be sensible. Not even when I grow up.

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2 comments on “Cath Kidston Watches!

  1. Carol-Anne on said:

    I LOVE these!!

  2. These are LOVELY!!!
    Wonder if I can track one down over here.
    I love Cath.
    Flowers make me smile. 🙂

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