For me, here at BrocanteHome, 2017 has been all about streamlining my business so that you my readers can enjoy the site without having to do battle with complicated navigation, or the kind of techie problems that all to frequently make the site evaporate altogether (damn you Bluehost!)…

You see over the past few months I have come to the shocking realization that I am not Superwoman and though this is a fact that utterly appalls me, I know that if Brocantehome is to continue to grow (and Oh Me Darlings thank-you, it’s finally growing: an overnight success it was not!), we all need continuity and simple ways of accessing all my lovely content.

The process started with The School of Life – a place for all my memberships and digital products to live and I know it has made a huge difference to all of you, and has meant that I am now able to focus solely on content without the constant worry that you were struggling to access everything in one convenient place.

Then came The Pep-Talks, currently exclusive to my Salon Members but something I have found so utterly rewarding because I know YOU have found them so very helpful, that over the next week I will be opening them to all, so everyone can have the chance to spend an hour or two with me on Skype working through their domestic issues on the road to a life less ordinary…

And finally today I bring you The Edit. A collection of all the scrumptious, puttery little somethings we covet as Brocanteers. While there have been versions of The Edit before, I have never quite thrown myself into creating a place to browse both the whimsical and the domestic practical in the same way, and over the past few weeks I have been steadily putting together a collection of Amazon recommendations and stock of my own (yikes!) so that you can discover the Brocante best of all things lovely, in one pretty place. Yup – from this day forward I am navigating the interwebs so you don’t have to…

The Edit is currently divided in to nine “Collections”…

The Comfort Drawer

In The Comfort Drawer you will find a collection of all the little somethings we need when we choose to practice extreme self-care and overwhelming personal kindness. From aromatherapy oils, to eye-pillows, coloring books  and pink chocolate, there is something for every occasion: whether we want to indulge, wallow or throw our very own little pity party…

The Library

In The Library you will find the book recommendations that live in the sidebar and will on a weekly basis make their way in to a dedicated collection so you can always browse for literary inspiration should an early night and a cup of cosy cocoa come-a-calling.

The Housekeeper’s Cupboard

In The Housekeeper’s Cupboard there is a growing collection of good quality domestic tools and organic cleaning products, because if we are to truly elevate the art of housekeeping, we should do it with the very best tools available to instill a sense of worth and pride in our daily efforts…

The Boudoir

In The Boudoir we focus on both sleep and intimacy. Because we are whole women and both are essential to our well-being. So you will find everything from great pillows to mood enhancing massage oil, to make the very most of the time you spend in your bedroom.

The Wardrobe

In The Wardrobe you will find  a tiny collection of pretty dresses, vintage inspired accessories and retro bikinis. Chosen for their sheer pretty, The Wardrobe will feature an eclectic collection of desirable pieces for our vintage-loving souls…

The Apothecary

In The Apothecary there is a myriad collection of oils, lotions and potions to help you create a well-being routine that enhances both health and beauty. Because our well-being matters, using good products is the kindest way to look after ourselves and buying something fragrant and scrumptious is quite the finest way to treat ourselves.

The Desk

In The Desk you will find a darling little range of desk accessories, planners, cards, journals and cameras. whether you simply sit down to write a letter or run an entire business at your desk, there is something pretty and oh so useful for everyone.

The Mat

In The Mat you will find a collection of products collated to enhance your spiritual well-being. With everything from the best of yoga-mats to crystals, oils, jewelry and tea, you can start to build the kind of life-enhancing rituals that shore up your mind and help you achieve balance.

The Pantry

And finally in The Pantry you will find a collection of healthy (but indulgent) basics and scrumptious little edible treats. Because life isn’t worth living without good food now is it?

Each week, there will be new products and collections added to The Edit and I hope you will come to use it as a starting point when you find yourself in need of a little domestic retail therapy… 

Thank-you as always for continuing to support BrocanteHome. I am always seeking to give back as much as I am capable of in gratitude and as the years go by my vision for how life can be for all of us, becomes firmer.

This then is a life less ordinary.

Good Morning Gorgeous Ones! Allow me to begin my little list of weekly notices, with a warm welcome to all my new Salon Subscribers this week – I’m giddy with excitement about welcoming you to The School of Life and all the delights to be found within, and I truly hope you will join us in our lovely Facebook community too…

Shall we get going? It’s been a busy week and I have some lovely newness to share…

Okey Dokey, then allow me to introduce…

BrocanteHome on Medium.Com

I have been blogging here for more years than I care to count now and I love it because it feels like home, but the time has come, now that I am practically geriatric, to expand my horizons a little bit and  spread my message a little bit further afield. And so in the past day or so I have opened a Medium.Com Publication called BrocanteHome (duh!) and I will be re-publishing and creating original content there to further coach those looking to live a life less ordinary.

My work on Medium will be specifically about coaching women to live lives that reflect their most authentic selves and will collate all my existing work on the same subject before I begin to create new posts, so much of the writing will be familiar to you in the first instance, but will over time feature new and original work and will differ there from here as I focus on posts specifically geared towards lifestyle design, self-motivation and nurturing your souls…

You can follow my work there by creating a Medium account, and following me or sharing my writing (the same as you would on Bloglovin). And then you will receive a weekly (or daily if your prefer) digest of my writing and any others you follow on Medium, as well as getting the once monthly Medium only “Love Letters” I will be sending out to those looking to create a life less ordinary of their own.

Click here to read BrocanteHome on Medium.Com here…

This Weeks Bujo Layout!


This week’s Life Less Ordinary Bujo sheet is a Daily Journal utilizing some of the original Bullet Journal symbols and a couple of my own Brocante devising…

It is available in the Bujo store for the lowly sum of just $1.00 or you will as always find it in the Salon if you are a member.

Trello For Housekeepers!


Oooh are you ready for this?? If you are a Salon member you have already got exclusive early access to my ingenious, innovative online planner for eventually managing everything from your daily, monthly and annual routines, your meal plans, recipes, favorite blogs, calendar dates, shopping lists, decorating notebooks and soooo much more.



Designed to be as beautiful and functional as everything else in BrocanteHome, Trello For Housekeepers, takes all the effort out of creating systems, routines and rituals for you, and means you can jump right in and customise the system to your hearts content.

Currently available only inside the Salon, ( but coming soon to the store), videos explaining the system are available in the Salon Library and each time a new board is added I will add another video describing how the boards interact with each other and how you can customize them to reflect your own domestic life.

There is nothing like this on the internet and I KNOW you are going to adore it.

Join the Salon form just $20.00 per month me darlings here… 

And Finally An Invitation…

If you aren’t on my mailing list you won’t receive notification of my new posts, the special offers I reserve for my lovely subscribers or my lovely weekly digests, so do sign up here won’t you?

In the meantime go have a lovely week, cook up a scrumptious storm and above all else remember to be kind to yourself.


Good afternoon Sweeties. I hope this sunny hump-day finds you giddy with hope and possibility.

I am popping in today to do a quick round-up of all that is happening at BrocanteHome right now, and so without further ado, let’s jump right in…


A New Brocante BuJo Layout!

This weeks layout is a weekly gratitude planning page and like the other layouts it costs just $1.00 to download once and use for always. Lets get back in to the gratitude habit!

As always it is available to download FREE in the BrocanteHome Salon, if you are a member.


A Scrumptious New Salon Members Only Blog Post…

This week about “love-bombing” your house and available to read right now in the Salon…


A Rather Lovely Pen-Pal Exchange in the Living Room…

Yep – organised by my lovely members in our private facebook community we are stepping out from behind our computers and writing each other real-life letters! How utterly blissful…


The 90 Day Trash IT Challenge!

Oh my. This has been fabulous and reading your lists of things you have chucked out has been, to coin a silly phrase, totally amazeballs! Every time I read about something trashed that has been an emotional wrench for you, I feel like a proud Mama, and every-time you chuck out something so preposterous you really shouldn’t have been giving it house-room, I want you to imagine me doing a little happy dance for you! Deal? You chuck, and I dance.


The Bank Holiday…

And finally a quick notice to let you know that I may be missing in action from Friday morning, because it is Mark’s Dad’s funeral that afternoon, and then we are throwing a small party on Sunday afternoon and I am going to be in full party-planner mode over the weekend….

Not yet a member of my lovely School of Life? Then it is time to hop over and explore your options! Membership costs from just $3.00 a month and includes a FREE copy of my best-selling Housekeeping 365 System

Just click the button below to join the Living Room or the Salon .



Hello my lovelies, I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break and you are no back feeling suitably full of the chocolatey feel-good factor and ready and willing to hop back on your journey to a life less ordinary…

A few months ago I took it into my head that I wanted to join the Bullet Journal bandwagon. Because I like doodling. And pretty pages.  And I wanted to be like all the cool kids and mutter about writing in my BuJo.

So I dragged Finn to the shops. And filled my basket with a lovely dotted journal. And fineliners in all colours of the rainbow. And a pink ruler because a person who is bullet journalling has to draw lots of boxes with straight-lines and pretty flourishes. And I was full of fire and determination. And Finley who is infinitely wise walked around behind me muttering about bullet journalling being a “fad” and that it wasn’t proper work and that I wasn’t going to do it anyway so why on earth would I waste my money? And I hushed him. And bribed him with sweets. And tried not to see my own conscience wearing his outrageously judgemental face.

And two months later I had to admit that every word out of his too sensible mouth was right. And I can’t even find the pencil case with the pretty pens in it. And the journal I paid silly money for has got just one layout in it and that took me about a day to do and frankly bullet journalling and me were never ever going to be bestest mates.

I could not be sadder. Because one does so hate to concede to a thirteen year old and my whole being knows that gathering all my litle trackers, inspiration and affirmation in one place would be good for my soul. And Bullet Journalling is so pretty and I’m all about the pretty don’t you know?

And so I invented my own method of creating a journal I could use but would not have to draw. And within an afternoon I had three layouts I could use and print out whenever it took my fancy and I could track the parts of life the Brocante way I wanted to track in my Weekly layout and remind myself of the affirmations I use during my Miracle Morning hour (to which I remain utterly dedicated) and choose a focus word from a lovely list weekly and frankly carry on designing and printing every last aspect of this life less ordianry of mine until there was nothing left that had not been tracked or reminded and all was well with the world!


Anyways I am telling you this, because although what I have created so far is not really a bullet journal at all, it WILL help you create a life less ordinary of your own and committment to the routines and rituals laid out will guide you towards life the BrocanteHome way, and so today I bring you The Life Less Ordinary BuJo.

Each of the layouts are scrumptiously designed and cost just a dollar each for immediate download. I am pricing them individually so you can pick and choose those that suit you, and that over the weeks as the collection of layouts grows you can also add to them as you please, while you focus on creating the specific routines and rituals that will make a difference to YOUR day.

To get started there are three layouts available:

A Life Less Ordinary Weekly Planner.

A one page layout to be filled in weekly (perhaps as part of your Organisation Sunday ritual?) to help you keep track of your commitment to your morning and evening rituals, the puttery treats you are planning on doing for yourself and the house, your weekly focus word and daily affirmation, your to-do list, shopping and meal idea list. All in one place.

Daily Affirmations For a Life Less Ordinary.

Another one page layout with a pretty collection of affirmations you can use to reinforce the values at the heart of life the BrocanteHome way.

And finally for this week…

Focus Words For a Life Less Ordinary

A collection of inspirational words to be used in conjunction with the Weekly Planner to help you choose an area of focus for that week and to concentrate your heart on your desired feelings. A pretty little one page layout, just perfect methinks for printing out on good paper and framing for your desk…

Click Here to Download For Just $1.00!

Each week I will be adding new layouts to the collection and you will find them all here, but don’t forget that as a member of my lovely Salon you will have access to absolutely all the layouts and EVERYTHING ELSE in my store absolutely FREE as part of your subscription…



Ok me Darlings, ready for the first School of Life Challenge?

All the details are over in the Living Room section of the School of Life, along with the downloadable Challenge sheet and the group challenge begins on the Facebook Living Room page next Monday, the 18th of April.

Not a member yet? Sign up for just $3.00 a month or $15.00 a year here.  



It is half term in our neck of the woods and I have already had the little joys of Wrestlemania, a book-shop dash for the next in the series Finn is reading, and a traipse around the woods during which I slipped down a hill, hung on to a branch, gave up and tumbled to the bottom while Finn roared laughing and reminded me yet again how utterly inept I am at almost everything, (including standing up straight) and I wiped mud off every part of my astonished person.

Today I am putting the finishing touches to the Kindle Version of The Summer House (after the lovely success of The Spring House) , and dilly-dallying with a web-site  storage issue that is going to require a little faffing behind the scenes.

This means that the site might be behind a maintenance screen for a few days but panic not, I will of course be back as soon as possible! In the meantime I will send out a newsletter announcing the release of my lovely Summer House book and I shall be continuing to engage with all those who are taking part in the Salon Pep-Talks at The School of Life….

This feels like a new season in so many more ways than one. Spring is so much wonderful isn’t it? 


Welcome dear Housekeepers, to a new series here on BrocanteHome: a weekly round-up of all that is new on the School of Life

On The School of Life This Week…

  1. The Get a Grip workbook is now live in the Salon and available to grab in your Salon Library if you are a member… (and available for four monthly payments of $10.00 if you are not)
  2. The next post from the Better ME Program is also live in the Salon Library for members (and available for two monthly payments of $10.00 if you are not)
  3. AND The very first PEP-Talk workbook is now live in the Salon – which means that all Salon members now have the opportunity to have a direct one one one conversation with yours truly, while they work through the six interactive workbooks and projects included in the PEP-Talk, and I guide them towards a set of domestic routines and rituals that will bring order to their lives. (Also available for non members for two monthly payments of $35.00).

I have been so excited to see that so many of you have already started to complete your first workbook and I want you to know what an absolute privilege it is to be able to get to know you this way.

Please note that the conversation between you and I will not start until you have answered each and every question in the first workbook, so please don’t worry if you don’t hear from me immediately, I am simply patiently watching from behind the scenes and waiting for you to be ready…

Not a Member of The School of Life Yet?

Read more about becoming a Salon member here, or dip your toes in with Living Room membership for just $3.00 a month first and receive 25% off everything in store as part of your subscription…

It’s time to create a life less ordinary…

Hello my loves, I am back with a vengeance and here to tell you that the brand, spanking new School of Life has gone live today with all it’s lovely bells and whistles!

It’s not quite finished but I know how very eager my Living Room and Salon members have been to see what I was working on and so today I have decided to let you in, and hope that you will appreciate that it is a work in progress that will almost certainly make life easier here at BrocanteHome.

There comes a time in business, it seems that one either gives up, or scales up, and not being one to ever give up, scaling up was the answer. And so with significant time and financial commitment (and a lot of flustered mopping of my perpetually fuddled brow), I have created The School of Life to house all my courses, planners, membership programs and pep-talks in one oh so very easy to navigate site.

No more will you have to feel muddled about where the download your order is: it will be there, forevermore in your own School of Life library! Alongside your account details, access to all membership modules (140+ in the Salon!!), and coming soon, workbooks you can fill in right there in the School…

So what else is new?

Well not only can you manage your memberships, but you can also divide payment for any product you buy over a number of months, hopefully making my writing even more accessible to everybody, keep up with the School of Life blog where I will share updates on what’s new and offer discounts and other offers, and read all about my latest releases for your Kindle.

Yep. All in one place.

I’m soooooo excited. You see the past year has been something of a calamity. And I’m truly hoping you will find everything you need quickly and easily now and I won’t be pulling my hair out trying to make things work for you when technology just will not do what it should!

Do join the Living Room won’t you? It is just $3.00 a month and with my lovely housekeeping system 365 now being included in your membership absolutely FREE (Full price: $15.00), it is well worth the few pennies it will cost each month and go such a long way to helping me keep BrocanteHome online for always.

Thank you as always for your patience. It is so very much appreciated. And this, dear, lovely Housekeepers, is just the beginning of The School of Life

P.S: Instructions for signing in if you an existing member are available over in The Living Room Facebook Group today.