Welcome dear Housekeepers, to a new series here on BrocanteHome: a weekly round-up of all that is new on the School of Life

On The School of Life This Week…

  1. The Get a Grip workbook is now live in the Salon and available to grab in your Salon Library if you are a member… (and available for four monthly payments of $10.00 if you are not)
  2. The next post from the Better ME Program is also live in the Salon Library for members (and available for two monthly payments of $10.00 if you are not)
  3. AND The very first PEP-Talk workbook is now live in the Salon – which means that all Salon members now have the opportunity to have a direct one one one conversation with yours truly, while they work through the six interactive workbooks and projects included in the PEP-Talk, and I guide them towards a set of domestic routines and rituals that will bring order to their lives. (Also available for non members for two monthly payments of $35.00).

I have been so excited to see that so many of you have already started to complete your first workbook and I want you to know what an absolute privilege it is to be able to get to know you this way.

Please note that the conversation between you and I will not start until you have answered each and every question in the first workbook, so please don’t worry if you don’t hear from me immediately, I am simply patiently watching from behind the scenes and waiting for you to be ready…

Not a Member of The School of Life Yet?

Read more about becoming a Salon member here, or dip your toes in with Living Room membership for just $3.00 a month first and receive 25% off everything in store as part of your subscription…

It’s time to create a life less ordinary…

Hello my loves, I am back with a vengeance and here to tell you that the brand, spanking new School of Life has gone live today with all it’s lovely bells and whistles!

It’s not quite finished but I know how very eager my Living Room and Salon members have been to see what I was working on and so today I have decided to let you in, and hope that you will appreciate that it is a work in progress that will almost certainly make life easier here at BrocanteHome.

There comes a time in business, it seems that one either gives up, or scales up, and not being one to ever give up, scaling up was the answer. And so with significant time and financial commitment (and a lot of flustered mopping of my perpetually fuddled brow), I have created The School of Life to house all my courses, planners, membership programs and pep-talks in one oh so very easy to navigate site.

No more will you have to feel muddled about where the download your order is: it will be there, forevermore in your own School of Life library! Alongside your account details, access to all membership modules (140+ in the Salon!!), and coming soon, workbooks you can fill in right there in the School…

So what else is new?

Well not only can you manage your memberships, but you can also divide payment for any product you buy over a number of months, hopefully making my writing even more accessible to everybody, keep up with the School of Life blog where I will share updates on what’s new and offer discounts and other offers, and read all about my latest releases for your Kindle.

Yep. All in one place.

I’m soooooo excited. You see the past year has been something of a calamity. And I’m truly hoping you will find everything you need quickly and easily now and I won’t be pulling my hair out trying to make things work for you when technology just will not do what it should!

Do join the Living Room won’t you? It is just $3.00 a month and with my lovely housekeeping system 365 now being included in your membership absolutely FREE (Full price: $15.00), it is well worth the few pennies it will cost each month and go such a long way to helping me keep BrocanteHome online for always.

Thank you as always for your patience. It is so very much appreciated. And this, dear, lovely Housekeepers, is just the beginning of The School of Life

P.S: Instructions for signing in if you an existing member are available over in The Living Room Facebook Group today. 


Hello my Lovelies, I am taking a moment out of my behind-the-scenes work today to pop in here to tell you that a) I am not dead, b) I haven’t forgotten about BrocanteHome and I really am beavering away back here and c) in a deeply unrelated item, but which I am keen to share regardless… I have lost TWO STONE in the past six weeks!

So umm yeah. Moment of random showing off over so lets move on. Do you want to see what I have been working on and why all else has come to a stop around these parts while I get it fixed up?

A few months ago I told you that I was moving the Salon, the Living Room and all my PDF sales on to one site: never for a moment imagining that it would take as long as it has. You guys, I have written such a lot of content over all these years and gathering it together cohesively has taken an age, but I am here today to tell you that I am getting very, very close to the launch day (when all my lovely existing subscribers will be invited inside), and to going public once I’m sure everything works!



I am building The School of Life on the NewKajabi platform which means that life for all of us will be significantly easier from here on in because you will have just ONE account for all your Brocante content and it will live happily in your very own, always accessible LIBRARY. That’s all your Salon content, podcasts, links to the Living Room community and any downloads you buy separately.  ALL. IN. ONE. PLACE.


Each and every membership element or download has its own page divided into categories as shown in the image of The Living Room above and then each category has its own set of associated posts and downloads as in the image below…


Each post or element of a course or subscription can be marked as complete and then it is just a matter of clicking NEXT to move on through the rest of the content…


So how does that sound? All good, yay?! I am sooooo excited because I KNOW this is going to be so much easier for you to navigate and for me to manage and I do believe it will allow BrocanteHome to grow in 2017.

I will have more news about the timeline for the launch in the next few days and as soon I can I will let you know how your Living Room or Salon membership will be transferred over to the new platform.

Love you lots, like jelly-tots and I will see you again, very, very soon.x


Happy March, Lovelies… I just wanted to break away from completing The School of Life today to tell you that The Spring House is now available in e-book form and you can hop over to Amazon straight away and download a tiny bit of Spring the Brocante way in to your Kindles….

All of the seasonal series will be available very soon, in line with your vote to have my work sold not as PDF’s but as e-books for your tablets and as an introductory offer The Spring House is currently just $0.99 (£0.79)!

I know things have been quiet around here lately but I am very, very busy behind the scenes and you will see the fruits of my labour very, very soon.

Buy The Spring House on Amazon.Com here and Amazon.Co.Uk here…


So you know how sometimes I fall off the blogging bandwagon and sometimes its because life is in the way and other times it is because I am entertaining the black dog and more often it is because I am being a floral- pinnied little worker minion busying away behind the scenes here at BrocanteHome? Recently has been one of those times.

You see so many of you have told me that you can’t work BrocanteHome: that some of it is in fact so mystifying as to surely be broken. That you can’t work out where the downloads you have bought have vanished to, you can’t find your account page, and you simply cannot even begin to navigate the Salon and the Living Room.

Now though I come from the rather cosy school of If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It, I do understand that sometimes I can be creating complex muddly systems I thoroughly understand because I invented them, but that you are thoroughly bewildered by and that if this is the case then whether I like it not the system is broken and I need to get on with fixing it. Preferably asap!

And so m’dears that is exactly what I’m doing. My lovely Salon, Living Room, courses and Store are all headed under one roof: The BrocanteHome School of Life, where eventually you will have just one account page with access to everything you have ever bought or downloaded from BrocanteHome and with my gorgeous members-only community organised in to step-by-step blocks you will find oh so very easy to access on the road to a life less ordinary.


This is a huuuuge undertaking and it is costly in terms of both time and finance –which is why you haven’t seen much of me recently. Because although I would dearly love to be back to blogging the way I used to blog, my community has to take priority so you feel less confused by me and my warren like tunnel of ideas and inspiration!

The School of Life will be  go live after Christmas: I am busy behind the scenes pulling all the strings together and I am getting more excited by the day about it’s potential for all of us!

Phew! All this and Christmas to plan? Too true… but as Ste will be working and my family down South, Finn and I will be spending our very first, cosy Christmas alone and both of us are almost giddy with excitement at the very idea!

Talk soon Lovely Housekeepers.x


P.S: 100 Scrumptious Things To Do For Christmas is available at a special pre-release price of $12.00 and will be $20.00 after launch on or after November 25th.

The Slow Scrub


So ummmmmm, yeah (embarrased shuffle)… a (good) few months ago I dreamt up the Slow Scrub – ninety teeny little tasks that would help you take your house from hell to heaven without busting a gut in the process, released in three parts over three months, that I would write as I performed each part of the process myself.

So off I set: cleaning and polishing and scrubbing and writing and the first two parts went out over the described two months and then it was time to tackle the final month of the ninety days and… nothing. Nada. Zilch and zero.  I couldn’t clean. My life went bottom up and my sense of home was swallowed up in the chaos of having to move twice in as many months and everything was miserable and I got a teeny bit depressed and quite a bit sick and I left us all in housekeeping limbo because I couldn’t write up month three because I hadn’t actually tested it out and I couldn’t bring myself to make it up as I went along so momentum was lost and you were all hanging and I was mortified and when I get mortified I go silent and drive everybody absolutely up the wall. And around the bend.

The Slow Scrub turned in to the Slowest Scrub EVER, EVER, EVER. Performed by a tortoise. A sloth with a pain in her chest. A drama queen in a floral apron.  

I am telling you this in the spirit of honesty. I am telling you because if nobody speaks of depression then it cannot be something we will ever learn to understand and I have to speak my truth even if it takes me an age to spit it out. So spitting out I am. Sometimes despite the fact that I am the self-professed Vintage Housekeeper I cannot clean and when I cannot clean beyond the bare minimum, I cannot write about cleaning and then we all end up frustrated.

Luckily the bad times come and go. With the adventure of a new home and the general  straightening of life as it should be, I am cleaning with spirit, vigour and zest again. And organising again. And writing again. I am so very thrilled. And more than that plain old delighted to tell you that the third and final part of The Slow Scrub is here. In the Salon Library for those of you who are members. And coming to your account page or in-box over the next forty-eight hours for those of you who are not, but bought it in the store.

So I want to thank-you for your patience. I want to say an enormous thank-you to those who read between my occasionally dramatic lines and understand. And I want to tell you how very grateful I am that you know me so very well and know beyond all certainty that I always return to this my lovely, spiritual home. To you.

May we always have kind hearts and clean kitchens.


Following on from the huuuuuuge success of my lovely Seasonal House series this year, I am excited to be able to tell you that on November 16th this year I will be releasing a rather darling accompaniment: The Festive House

Created in exactly the same format as the four other downloads in this inspirational series, The Festive House will be a scrumptiously pretty guide to truly indulging all your senses during Christmas and the New Year and will be a gorgeous compendium of little things to do in the run up to Christmas to make your home feel like the cosiest, most festive place on earth…

“With a life in the day of a Vintage Housekeeper during the Christmas season, a list of festive puttery treats, some advice for sprinkling a little glittery magic around the house, and adding a layer of gentle excitement to your Festive house alongside the three housekeeping recipes you need to give the house a hug, a Christmas reading list and a list of journaling prompts for meditating your way through this twinkly season…”

I know you are going to love The Festive House as much, if not more than I know you have so thoroughly adored The Seasonal House series, and as usual if you PRE–ORDER it today you will get it for just $8.00 instead of the $10.00 it will be when it goes live.

My Living Roomers will find a voucher for an extra 25% off the price on the group page (usual code for those in the know!) and finally If you are a member of the Salon you will find The Festive House in the Salon library on the 16th of November absolutely free of charge (along with all the other downloads in my lovely store) – and at the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I just want to remind you that the option to pay for the salon MONTHLY is once again available…

So to sum things up: there are three ways to buy The Festive House.

  1. Pre-Order it today for the discounted price of $8.00 here.
  2. Join the Living Room today for just $15.00 and get a voucher to buy The Festive House for just $6.00 when you sign in to the Living Room Facebook Group …
  3. Or join The Salon, get all the benefits of Living Room Membership, all existing downloads and everything I create for the life of your membership absolutely FREE for just $20.00 a month OR the lowly price of just $169.00 for an entire year of BrocanteHome wonderfulness!

I know which deal I would grab…x

Well now, with one thing or another it is taking me longer than I expected to settle in and get my routines and rituals in place. Though heaven knows why I imagine myself to be some sort of Superwoman capable of organizing an entire house in the space of two weeks, with all utilities correctly set up, furniture sourced for all the odd little corners, an extra bedroom created for Stevie where there was no bedroom before, clothes folded and stored away in sensible places, deliveries accepted apparently all day every day, no garden to speak of, an audience of toilet going workmen all day every day, finances helped back on their feet after all the expense of moving, and the stabilizing of a business that is rather suffering in the midst of all this.

Yep. This is a case of Superwoman Syndrome if ever there was one.

The day before yesterday I developed a stomach bug of sorts, ran upstairs to vomit and promptly opened the toilet seat on my head resulting in an egg sized bump on my head that along with the thyroidy bruises I am sporting everywhere from exhaustion, rather looks as though Ste has taken up beating me with a big stick in the dead of night. I am, I am sure, now known as The Battered Woman in the post office down the lane: a post office that frightens the wits out of me so close is the experience of popping in for a pint of milk there to visiting the twilight zone. I am not from around these parts see?

Then yesterday in my haze, I got in to the car to go and meet Kath to give her her daughters much overdue birthday present and managed to reverse the car in to the ditch the gas man had made to channel pipes to the house being built behind mine. Oh yes. The car was in the ditch. The drivers seat was hard up next to the lamppost and I had to scrabble out over the passenger seat, somehow managing to rip a big hole in my trousers on the way and go get a man or ten to heave the car out of the hole.

I now truly believe that anyone moving house should be gifted a week in the Seychelles immediately after to get over the sheer horror of the whole shebang. Because I am telling you, moving house addles your brain.

Anyways. I am writing this post to tell you that as I recently mentioned in the Living Room, I am currently having to reverse some of the changes I made here on BrocanteHome in the Spring because some of the new systems are causing absolute chaos for you my lovely readers. Mostly those of you who visit or shop at BrocanteHome on a tablet or mobile and who thus do not fully see the links you need to follow after becoming a member or purchasing a download. And those of you who email my vastly cluttered ancient old email inbox.

So I am for the moment having to do a little bit of tinkering behind the scenes. It is terribly, terribly dull but it will hopefully alleviate many of the admin problems currently consuming my time. You see it is not only at home that I suffer from Superwoman Syndrome. Here on Brocante I convince myself I can do absolutely everything and that not asking for help or paying for the kind of services that would make all the difference would be foolhardy when clearly it would be EXACTLY what I need. Damn it. Do you think there is a pill I could take?

Today then I am re-opening the original Shopify Brocante store because digital delivery was more reliable and didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to help you find your purchases. I am also setting up a dedicated Customer Service email in-box so you don’t get lost among the flotsam and jetsam of every newsletter I have ever signed up for, slapping a raw steak on to the giant bruise on my head and taking delivery of a bookcase and walnut sideboard I bought on the wonder that is Schpock for the princely, silly sum of just £20.00….

Busy, busy, busy. Have a lovely weekend won’t you?