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Half term has arrived and Finn is still lounging around in his onesie, so just in case appearing at my desk in a semi-regular fashion gets harder over the next twelve days I thought it wise to share a few notices about life behind the scenes here at BrocanteHome.

First up, the cover of Life, Love and Vintage Housekeeping, one of my lovely Kindle Books, has changed, but the content is still exactly the same and I am letting you know so you do not happen across it on Amazon and buy it all over again! I would so hate that, so until I get my bottom into gear and get my next e-book up on Kindle do be careful won’t you?

Next, a new way to save BrocanteHome posts for reading at a later date. Though I hope that the new theme has made Brocantehome much easier to navigate, I do recognise that having near on 3000 posts is making the site a teeny bit unwieldy and so yesterday I took it into my head to offer a new little service here on the site, so you can keep lists of unread or favorite posts right here, or indeed email them to yourself or  friend, or even save them on Facebook.


So at the bottom of each individual post you will see a little yellow star, and the words “Add to your List”. If you want to save the post, you simply click the link and a box will pop up in the right hand corner of your screen as below…



Et voila, there’s the link to the post you want to have easy reference to every time you visit the site! When you aren’t viewing your list, simply click the big red cross in the top right hand corner of the screen and it will disappear as in the image below…



 Genius mais non? You can thank me later!

Finally a word about the future of Brocantehome. As you know the site is both a passion and the means by which I keep a roof over the head of myself and Finley. In the ten years that the site has been online, both blogging and the online publishing world have changed drastically and Brocantehome has to reflect those changes if it is to thrive and offer good value to money to you the readers.

I have been uncomfortable with the way the site is monetized for a long time, not least because purchasing downloadable e-books has become so very cheap and I truly believe that as bloggers we need to take this into consideration when pricing other downloadable products. And so changes are afoot. I’m just not quite sure which changes, so while Finley is busy talking my legs off during half term I am going to sit down with my workbooks and establish a plan for all our tomorrows here on Brocante…

I sometimes get to worrying about the fact that change is ever necessary and then I have to remind myself that change is ABSOLUTELY necessary if a business is to continue to evolve and avoid rotting in it’s little online hidey hole…

I simply refuse to let us rot sweethearts. Have a lovely day won’t you?

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One comment on “Brocante Noticeboard

  1. Jane Grayson on said:

    What a great idea being able to put all my fave posts in one place. Trouble is I’m going to be spending half term going through all 3000 posts!!!!

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