Book of Organization

A Book of Organization from the creative scrumptious style powerhouse that is Where Women Create? I.Want.This. Now.

Erm yes. That’s all.

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2 comments on “Book of Organization

  1. Sandi Moran on said:

    Can't wait for this one. I pre-ordered in Feb. And I know it will change my life and I will be ever organized.
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  2. pioneercynthia on said:

    This whole magazine franchise is so scarily intoxicating! I want everything they sell, or want to make everything they show! Except every time I try, it never turns out like they show (boo hoo)! My eclecticism is nowhere near as pretty and precious as they feature. It's more along the lines of…hmmm…look at that little ducking! Wouldn't it look funny with a T-rex head? Alas…
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