The Bloggers Planner 2014

Ok Sweeties, seen as today is the day life gets back to normal, and we are all back at our desks, I have seen fit to re-design and re-issue The Bloggers Planner for 2014. Because I’m good like that…

With all the same pages, planners and calendar as before, the design is now inline with both Blogging the Brocante Way and The Housekeepers Planner so you can keep your whole life polka dot co-ordinated and deliciously pretty in one lovely file…

And not only that, m’dears, but this year The Bloggers Planner has a new, more affordable price of just $30.00, because I know so many of us are paying the heavy price of the festive season, and while I would never advocate not investing in oneself, I also know that as women we all too often struggle to justify spending silly amounts of money on our tomorrows… sad but true, right?


There are three ways to buy The Bloggers Planner: you can hop over to Etsy and buy it right now and it will be automagically delivered to your inbox…

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Or you can choose to kickstart your blogging hobby or career with this really rather wonderful Blogging the Brocante Way package deal, and receive both the 2014 Bloggers Planner AND Blogging the Brocante Way for $45.00…

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Or, and here’s where I suggest you go completely mad because it is a New Year and you deserve it, you could sign up to be a Housekeeping Superstar and receive all the downloads I currently have available for $100.00 a year, or just $12.00 a month (for a minimum of twelve months) including this fabulous new Planner!

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Happy Blogging Housekeepers!

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One comment on “The Bloggers Planner 2014

  1. I’m still struggling with the “create a great design” aspect, despite being in Blogland for what has to be coming up on five years now.

    Ali x