Aromatherapy For Listless Ladies

You know those days when you have got blah running through your veins? The days when you munch your way through too many biscuits and leave wet washing hanging around the house because those bones of lead just haven’t got the strength to carry you to the washing line? Yes. Those days. The listless, can’t be bothered days.

This little aromatherapy recipe is for them.

Simply spill 10 drops of Clary Sage oil, 16 drops of Grapefruit oil and 4 drops of Fennel oil into the water in your diffuser and  light it. 

Place the burner on the opposite side of the room to your favorite chair and let it warm up for ten minutes. Then make yourself comfortable with cushions and a blanket if it is chilly and close your eyes.  Not to sleep – simply to sit quietly and let the aroma tickle your spirit back to life.

And it will. I promise you, it will.

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5 comments on “Aromatherapy For Listless Ladies

  1. After a virtually sleepless night with a teething baby, I sure am wishing I had some fennel oil. *yawn*

  2. sounds lovely! will try anything just now,Blah is my middle name!

  3. love this idea…looking for the oils right after I tear myself away from this amazing place!

  4. Danielle on said:

    I’m having one of those days. I’ve come to your blog because it always lifts me. When I first started visiting Brocante Home 10 years ago I had one son and a head full of dreams. About making a beautiful vintage home, having more children (a daughter, please God, a daughter to dress in ditzy prints and play ballerinas with..) and generally having a scrumptious life. Well here I am a decade later, with peeling wallpaper, chipped door frames, a bathroom that needs industrial strength cleaning fluid and FIVE sons. What the heck happened? Where is the china tea set? Where are the ballet shoes? This is not what I ordered? Admittedly, I do have an abundance of kisses and snuggles and cards that say “I loff you Mummy”… In 11 years I can count the number of nights spent with the bed to myself on one hand. It’s nice to feel wanted. But sometimes it all gets a bit too much. So I’m going to dig out my aromatherapy box and try your suggestion. Quickly, while they’re all upstairs!

  5. Karla Neese on said:

    Alison – any recommendations for books/sites on learning more about essential oils?