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Apron attire

Do you still wear an apron to keep house? I do believe it is a ritual I will never abandon, for the very act of looping my pinny over my head, seems to switch on my housework button and get me in just the right mode to get my feather duster out and sweep away the clouds…

While it is clearly so very, totally, completely and probably preposterously unnecessary, I thoroughly enjoy soaking and hand-washing my aprons, so that on a Monday (laundry day in BrocanteHome Land) I end up with a small stack of lavender and lemon scented pinnies ready to hang from the laundry door and pop over my head when I am ready to get domestic…

And so my Darlings in honour of this ritual, each week I will be featuring one truly lovely apron from around the interwebs: sometimes new, sometimes vintage: but always perfect for inspiring just the right mood to fly through all the “jobs” you have got on your to-do list…

This weeks apron comes from Modcloth. Although I am usually a strictly floral kinda woman, I am rather in love with the horses stampeding around this apron, and the huge, generous bow delights the little girl in me who would happily adorn herself head to foot in bows if only the general public wouldn’t stare so much…

All that and the neckline is perfectly scooped, and I do believe it wouldn’t flap about so much, leaving a gaping hole, just right for dropping boiling carrots down ones cleavage like so many aprons seem to have.

Dear me, I really am a fussy madam aren’t I? Anyways it’s $44.99, available for shipping to the UK, and made by Modcloth.

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8 comments on “Apron of the Week

  1. Brunette on said:

    That IS fabulous!
    I put it on my Wishlist for after we finish paying for van repairs and the girls’ bedroom remodel. *sigh*

    I was just thinking yesterday that I should get out my aprons and use them again, because they put me in a puttery cleaning mood, and my under-renovation house could use me in that mood…

  2. angel jem on said:

    I love the gallopy horses! And you are quite right that a good apron with a useful neckline is not to be sniffed at! (unless washed in lavender and lemon, of course; when one should do very little else!)

  3. Margaret on said:

    I love an apron and I have made about five (three for me and two for my friend) from a 1950’s pattern but they are the “around the waist” type but they do have four very deep pockets – lovely :).

  4. Margaret on said:

    P.s. How do you scent you pinnies? Do you just put essential oils in the rinsing water?

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