Anthology Magazine- Print Is Not Dead!

People I’m not sure I can stand the excitement of another gorgeous magazine launch: and this one I actually get to hold in my hands, and spill tea on and turn back the corners of the pages on which there are images that inspire a thousand ideas and take to bed with me when I need an escape from my own mundanity, and read on the bus, and cut things out of and, and, and… well all the lovely things you can usually do with a magazine that isn’t imprisoned by the internet, (scrumptious as it may be)…

Yes indeed while you can preview the first issue online, Anthology, as the happy little promotional video will ascertain, is essentially a print magazine with the emphasis on good writing to accompany the great imagery…


..and one packed with personality filled features and interviews that reflect the essence of the world of interior and design blogging more accurately than anything else currently in print.

Go flick through the preview, read the lovely little interview with Grace Bonney (of Design Sponge fame) and then order a copy to treaure ever after on the Anthology site.

Launch issues are always an extra-special treat aren’t they?

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3 comments on “Anthology Magazine- Print Is Not Dead!

  1. Thank you, Alison! I just ordered my launch copy. Yay for print!

  2. Thanks so much for this! I hope you don't mind if I link it to my blog too! I'm torn between choosing one issue or a full subscription …

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