The 1930’s Marital Scale (Again)

Oh Darlings, the shame. Though I pride myself on being a good housewife and a rather fabulous Mummy, it must be clear to all and sundry that I make quite the most awful wife person, and having never made it down the aisle because I keep painting my toenails bright red and will insist on keeping the seams of my stockings crooked, I am sad to report that I have fallen dramatically down the scale on the 1930’s marital test.  Oh yes. This is how I roll: I once ate an onion before a date and sometimes I cook in my pyjamas. So shoot me

How do I know all this? Because I took the test again and in a rather spectacular effort, I managed to score -12 out of 100: down 34 points since I first took the test back in 2008. Clearly experience has taught me nada

My misdemeanours are long and convoluted. Including, but not limited to…

* I can’t play a musical instrument.
* I cry, sulk and pout too much.
* I frequently fail to wash the top of the milk bottle before using it.
* I haven’t got a pleasant disposition in the mornings.
* I fail to comment on my potential husbands masculinity enough.
* My shoulder straps are always on show.
* And I frequently tell risqué and vulgar stories.

I am a disgrace. So do as I say, not as I do, won’t you, and in the meantime I will try to keep my potty mouth in check and practice washing milk bottles…

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As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

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7 comments on “The 1930’s Marital Scale (Again)

  1. Antonella on said:

    Oh my! I’m a 7!!! Mmm, I haven’t got kids and wear red nail polish. But I’m willing to help my husband and tell him I love him! Funny and disturbing at the same time. Thanks 😉

  2. Jeanette on said:

    What the-! I got a -8!!! I guess I don’t pretty myself up enough with homeschooling the 4 kids and taking care of baby. I must be slipping. That or I tell to many naughty jokes. At least I am great in the loving your husband dept., can’t help it:) I adore the man!

  3. I got a 5. Some of those questions really made me laugh! And I’m still in my pj’s and it’s 8am. But there’s no school since it’s -10 degrees with -35 windchill. So it’s hot chocolate, netflix and naps today!

  4. Amanda on said:

    Goodness! I scored a 3 and I’ve been married 38 years to a man who says he loves me more with each passing day. He must be very tolerant [and loves the red polish and breakfast in jammies!]

  5. Cripes I got a big fat zero. LOL!

  6. Shelanne on said:

    -4 for me, even though I react with delight to marital congress!!! What the heck!!

  7. 5 :/ Make food, wash clothes, think he is funny and handsome, love sex, never complain, try to look good, take care of children, let him do his hobbies in peace. So I don’t clean well and warm my cold feet! I guess if you are not perfect you are very poor. Also keeping shoes inside in this country is like if wearing a hat or gloves. Maybe some people love scrubbing the floors so much they want all the dirt to come inside.

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