Alison May Is the Vintage Housekeeper


SubstandardFullSizeRenderHello Sweethearts, for those of you who don’t know me, please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Alison May and I am a forty-three year old Mum to one scrumptious twelve year old boy. We live in a teeny weeny Victorian terrace cottage in Lancashire, England, and I was an Interior Designer by trade before I gave it all up to bring my son up, keep house in the most delectable of fashion and create BrocanteHome so I could share my knowledge of what it really means to live well, with housekeepers across the land struggling to keep on top of all that life throws at the most vintage of modern women….

Like most of us destined for such a fate I became a Single Mummy quite accidentally when my partner of 15 years, Mark, left me for another woman when Finn was just two years old and newly diagnosed with Coeliacs Disease. That was then and though I truly believed I might never recover from the sheer shock of being abandoned, I am living proof that life only gets more scrumptious when you live to tell the tale of your worst nightmare, and seek solace in your absolute belief in your own authenticity.

Ten years on, after much heartbreak and a hilarious bout of internet dating that had my Darling Mum tearing her hair out with worry that I might just encounter an axe murderer, I have established an excellent co-parenting relationship with Mark and have in the past couple of years met a gorgeous man who has me truly believing that what is for you won’t pass you, even if you have to ride a hurricane to get it… and what a hurricane it has been.

Finding Inspiration…

Through it all there has been BrocanteHome, now deliciously online for almost eight years and re-inventing itself at each and very turn as my confidence as a writer and professional blogger grows and technology takes leaps and bounds most of us can barely keep up with but cannot help but be inspired by.

Supported by my oh so very loyal readership I continue to document my day, all the scrumptious things that make my heart sing, and year by year strengthen my manifesto for living life the BrocanteHome way: embracing homemaking without resentment because home is the springboard to everything we want ourselves and our children to be.

 And Saying Thank-You!

BrocanteHome has offered me so many opportunities in the past eight years, for which I am truly grateful, from radio and television appearances to the securing of an agent with views to publication. But while all these things are wonderful and in many ways the culmination of my dreams, it has been the friendships I have established through BrocanteHome that are to my way of thinking what matters most.
Six years ago, when Finley was still in nappies and marital relations were still harmonious I could not have imagined how very, very important women I had never met, across continents and nearer to home, could come to be. I have at times been utterly propped and spurred on by your support. I have watched the term I invented for my way of life “Vintage Housekeeping” grow legs all by itself and define a generation of women who have embraced homemaking as a way of life, so many of whom have grown in confidence daily and emerged like the most scrumptious of blogging butterflies before our very eyes!
Most of all through the hard times, the mad times and the joyous times, BrocanteHome has been as much of a pleasure to run as I hope it has been to read.

Long may it last Housekeepers!