Scrumptious Links For Today!

These are the links that have made me smile recently ~ enjoy!


2012: How One Woman Made Her Dreams + Goals Come True!
Leonie. Lovely. Inspiring and true.

Blossom Magazine
From Amy Butler.

Oh Carla Bruni, so feminism’s over, is it?
De-railing feminism with a french accent.

Paper Baubles
For the most darling of little vintage treats.

Christmas Flavoured Popcorn…
Perfect for cosy afternoons watching a festive film…

The Branding of Dita Von Teese
I have to confess to being absolutely fascinated by this woman…

How To Learn Anything.
I heart Tim Ferris. And wish he could follow me round and tell me what to do 24/7.

Egg-nog Truffles
Because it is Christmas.

Tony Morrison’s Writing Routine
Other peoples routines are another fascination of mine. Particularly those who write.

How A Lady of Leisure Hustles.
Fabulous. And more fabulous.

25 Eco-Chic Ideas
I love the herbal fire-starters…

Resourcefulness: A Weekend Meditation.
How resourceful are you?

Cinnamon Bird Ornaments
Scented little festive tweety pies from Martha Stewart.

The Equals Record.
Intelligent, relevant writing.

50 Things To-Do At Christmas
Start a new tradition this year…

Gladys & a Few Joyful Days
Dottie and Gladys are having a pop up event…

How to Be the Most Organised Person In the World.
You know you wanna be…

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2 thoughts on “Scrumptious Links For Today!

  1. It took me two days to click on the Most Organised Person in the World link because the mere *title* sent me into throes of I Am So Not Organised anxiety.

    Then I read it and found out I already do most of those things. :-p