The NEW Superstar Forum

I’m back Lovelies, and it seems that our little jolly in Whitstable has done me the power of good because I rather seem to have arrived back with all guns blazing!


I have spent the morning setting up a new forum for all my lovely Housekeeping superstars because frankly the old one was a bit pants and all of a muddle should a person ever try to find something once posted in it! The new one is not exactly new-fangled: it is in fact a very traditionally formatted forum with a whole host of discussion topics from keeping gratitude lists and making meal plans, to making yourself a “domestic accountability” list and getting lost in the “proper pleasures”…

There are places to gather for morning elevenses and general conversation, a book section, a recipe forum and much more besides. And I hope it is exactly what my Superstars were hoping for when I put the question to them last week about how they would prefer to get together and talk about all things Brocante…

To access the forum simply hop over to the Salon for the address and keep any eye out for updates about when the entire Superstar salon will be moving over from Ning to here at it’s very own dedicated spot on…

Happy chatting Housekeepers…

Lilabean: A Storybook About Simplicity for Grown-Up Little Girls

Oooooooh! Oooooo! I know I am supposed to be on my way down South but I forgot to insist that you treat yourself to a little 99p inspiration, and to further insist that you do it as soon as possible!


No really, you NEED to read the story of Lilabean right now if life is getting on top of you. It won’t take long, in fact I do believe you could devour it with a cup of tea and a buttered scone. And when you are done I think you might just have a different outlook on life…


Yep: it’s that wonderful! A little bit of rhyming frippery with a serious message to take to heart…

You are very welcome.x

Buy it for $0.99 on Amazon.Com here.

And for  £0.99 on here.

Home Bird

And so as I pack my suitcase for the first week long actual holiday I have had in more than twenty years (sad but true), I am all of a quiver about what a person does when she is spirited away from her usual routines and plonked down on the rainy shores of Whitstable. What if I can’t relax until the day before we are due to drive home? What if I get stir crazy and drive the entire family crazy in response? What if I love holiday so much I find real life all kinds of dull there on after?

mabel lucie attwell

This is the problem with being a home bird. Sometimes a well-meaning family takes it in to their collective head to make her fly! And ooh how she gets her feathers in a twist when they do…

I mean really: fancy forcing me into a lovely little cottage at the seaside when BBC Two is finally airing Life In Squares!  (What if I don’t like the furniture or can’t sleep because the pillow isn’t moulded to the exact shape of my silly head?) Imagine insisting that I down laptop and pick up bucket and spade! Do they not understand what they are wishing upon their own heads? Don’t they know that there is a law against self-employed people going on holiday? What if there is no wi-fi (shoot me now)? There will be no holding my natural nowtiness in! This is a woman scared of oysters and averse to paddling. A woman who gets weird if she is forced to eat relentlessly because her tummy goes on strike when she is forced to be away from the sanctity of her own bathroom! A woman who might just run a little wild in the teeny tiny little seaside shops and boutiques rumoured to line the streets! A woman who may miss man and dog so much she packs up her little red patent leather bag and thumbs a lift home!

It’s a worry. In fact I can’t help feeling sorry for said assorted family. I suspect the only solution to solving a problem like Alison, is to pickle me in red wine and insist I enjoy myself.

Wish them luck won’t you?

Housekeeper’s Summertime Bulletin

Happy Wednesday Honeybuns: I have got so very much to say and so very little time in which to say it – how Mom’s who need to leave the house to work during the Summer holidays manage I will never, ever understand.  But I truly take my hat off to you all, because keeping one eleven year old entertained while trying to keep a blog alive strikes me as an order tall enough to be getting on with let alone having to arrange childcare, create memories, run a house and commute backwards and forwards to a job!


Anyways, I am here this morning to let you know what is happening here at Chez Brocante and how I see the rest of the Summer panning out here on the site…

* Let me start by saying a huge thank-you to all those of you who took part in this week’s Pay What You Want event: you are always so very generous and each and every one of your purchases helps to keep BrocanteHome on-line, so it is hard to express how very grateful I am to each and every one of you.

* That said Housekeepers, once again so very many of you have made a payment without telling me what download you want and I’m all of a fluster trying to get in touch with you all to arrange delivery of your chosen PDF’s, so if you haven’t yet told me which download you would like I would be so grateful if you could email me as soon as possible so we can deliver what you have so kindly paid for.

* On the same note, if you have told me what you would like delivering and you do not seem to have received it, please, please, please do an in-box search for “Send Owl” (the app I use to automagically deliver your downloads) before you contact me. In all but one of the cases you have reported in the past few days, items ordered over the weekend were delivered to your in-box but had unfortunately been filtered, so do check before you contact me pretty please…

* Next up for you my lovely Superstars! Everyone who still had access to the the Superstar Salon should have received a short inbox message stating that the Superstar salon is back today and that no further fee’s would be due from existing members until Christmas 2015 in lieu of recent delays. Today the salon is available to view and chat in, and all lovely new members who signed up over the weekend will receive invitations to our inner sanctum at some point this afternoon…

* However, having spent the past two days closely studying the format of the Salon and the limitations of Ning, the company I use to host it, I have decided that in the next couple of weeks I will be moving the entire Salon, lock, stock and shiny, chatty barrel over to a new host, the membership options will be extended so that more of you can join in an affordable fashion, and downloading all the PDF’s will be infinitely easier.

* Therefore as soon as the NEW salon is ready, existing members need do nothing other than wait for their new login details and we will all be good to go! This has been a difficult decision to undertake, but it is in line with many other web entrepreneurs, including Leonie Dawson, who have all made similar moves away from Ning, in order to grow and I hope you will be just a teeny bit more patient as all the i’s are dotted during the transition.

* Nothing should be lost in the transition but if you are worried then please do use the time before the move to save any of the existing posts, forum conversations etc. to your own computer, and please rest assured you will be contacted in good time before the Ning site is closed completely.

* Finally Finley and I are going away with my Dad and my sisters family on Friday night to the little seaside town of Whitstable in Kent and I will be away until Monday 3rd August. I will however have my computer with me and Ste will continue to answer all your queries attend to any mini-crisises in my absence. This is a man with a Masters Degree in Project Managament and I hope you are already noticing the structure and backbone he is bringing to Brocantehome. I do believe he was heaven sent… via my Mum….

Ok so that’s all for now me lovelies: do enjoy the last week of July won’t you and I will see you here very, very soon.